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School Days - "Good Things And Bad"

on August 19, 2011

Yesterday was our first day of school. I definitely had mixed emotions about them going back. How can they be this old? I have two in Middle School. One is at the top of the food chain in 8th grade and the other is at the bottom of the food chain in 5th. I have threatened my oldest that he and his friends had BETTER be nice to his younger brother.

Do you remember Middle School? UGGH Although I don't get it. The girls don't have "ugly" stages anymore.. When I was looking at the girls at a ballgame the other night I wondered this to myself. Even with braces on they don't look bad. I have buried many of my Middle School pictures because I looked so bad. It was a season of life that I remember not knowing where I fit it. Groups of friends began to change and I didn't know which one I belonged in. All that to say, I would not want to go back.

So I was anxious to pick them up and see how it went. WELL....... Price (my youngest) was picked up first. He gets in the car and says... "DON'T ASK!!!!" Now, you have to understand that Price is so precious, but he is my child who is definitely tends to look at the glass half empty. So, whether it's a birthday party, camp, or school, he usually gives me the negative stuff first. Then I wait and get to hear about what he did enjoy. We go to Sonic for a first day treat (cuz now we are cutting back to only having cokes on weekends). He begins to share a little about this day. He doesn't know where he's going..... doesn't understand the schedule...... yada yada. BUT the worst part happened when all of his magnetic stuff fell off his locker onto the floor and his pencils went EVERYWHERE. Of course he's mad at me because it's MY FAULT that I bought that particular magnetic pencil holder and dry erase board. Thankfully after talking for awhile I did get to hear about some things he did enjoy.

I head back up to school to pick up Spence from football practice. I was fully expecting his day to have been GREAT because that is usually how his day goes. So, he walks up to the car and I say "Hey, how are you?" and he says "NOT GREAT" and gets in the car. You know when you can see it on their face that if you were to keep pushing they might "cry", so I used self control and waited. Eventually the story comes out. Since it was the first day of school, there was an all school assembly. Spence had been asked to lead the Pledge of Allegiance to represent the Middle School. He steps up to the microphone nice and confident. He starts out "I" and his voice cracks huge! So according to him, everyone laughed through the whole Pledge. Thank goodness he was able to laugh it off, but don't you know how it feels on the inside? ( and 8th grade boys are brutal) Maybe ya'll should send me some of your Middle school most embarrassing moments so that I can share with them and laugh.

After dinner everyone seemed in better spirits:) Tonight is first High School football game. We are pumped about that. Nothing like the energy of the evening air under the lights of the stadium.. Gotta love it. Speaking of football.... Spence had his first game on Tuesday night. The POG girls and families came out to support him. So very sweet, since we don't have any family that lives close. He had a first great game. Here are some pics. I just can't believe how much bigger he looks then last year. He's number 23. (strange number for a QB)

Price hasn't had his first game yet. He does have a scrimmage in the morning. Here are some pics of him on his first padded practice.

Learning how to tackle:)

We aren't sure what position he's playing yet, but he's really enjoying it.

The girls and i are in the studio today with Ian Eskelin. We are getting so excited about the songs for this record. Today we are singing a song called "Good Enough". Here is a picture of Ian and Mark busy at work.

Shelley is busy singing so I couldn't open the door and I don't know how to take the flash off. Sorry..

Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful Friday and an awesome weekend.


can't wait until your new album comes out. i miss heather and terry.but you girls are still great.keep the new music coming. god bless.

Denise, show me your camera next time I see you and I'll teach you how to turn off the flash! :)

Thanks for sharing Denise!! Your boys are really handsome!! And wow, they are so grown up!! I'm glad they have a mom like you, so proud and worried about their day! It's inspiring!!!!

God bless ya!
Hugs from Brazil, Karen.

First of all...your boys are very handsome! I'm sorry their first day wasn't as fun for them! We didn't go to middle school...Elementary. then straight to High School in 8th grade! I had many wonderful friends, but we ALL Hung out together....Freshmen, Juniors, etc. But even now that everyone is on FB....believe me, it's like living back then again! (25+ years) and I still don't know where I fit in! So tell your boys just enjoy the ride, keep their chins up, and be their own person! That what I told my son, last year, first year of college!

Good Luck Spence & Price! Go Team!

I also wanted to say that I enjoyed, still, your last cd! I think I had it on cassette, but bought it again to listen to in on the way to my mother-in-laws house a couple hours outside of Atlanta! I'm so glad you girls are back in the studio! You guys are my all time favorite group! Plus, love the new songs! You Ladies ROCK!

God Bless You All!