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Shelley Says...

on September 16, 2011

I wanted to tell our blog readers first about this unique auction item that we have for sale beginning TOMORROW. It is part of a bigger auction with all sorts of Christian Artists donating tickets, dinners, concerts and instruments to help raise yearly support for Porter's Call Ministry. Porter's Call is non-profit counseling center serving Christian artists and their families. Any artist would probably tell you that not only do we not have it all together, but we are the most broken ones out there.

A dear man by the name of Al Andrews runs Porter's Call, and I was one of those artists on the sidelines that thought the counseling service for artists was great idea, but that I would never need it myself. We had Al out to a POG retreat to do a little "reset" in our ministry, and he was great. I still try to run our life at home by some of the principles I learned from him that day. But, fast forward a few years to about a year and half ago, and the challenges of life and marriage and just STUFF started to take hold in our own little house, and David and I found ourselves walking through these doors just like most of my peers have at one time or another. I can barely even look at this picture without getting teary-eyed and remembering that first day we showed up at the back door and how Al began to slowly, week after week, help us rebuild what we had managed to somehow really mess up.

If the walls of that little house could talk...

The good news is, they can't. So we feel safe to share our struggles and brokenness at Porter's Call.

Before I tell you about the auction, Al.

If I've built him up a little, then I have succeeded in my writing today. I will send money to this ministry for as long as I can, hopefully the rest of my life. And I'm quite sure before it's all said and done, I will find myself a wreck and his back door again. ha!

Now, to the auction...

every year- because Porter's Call is offered to artists like myself, free of charge, with no strings attached- they run an "Artist's Auction" to help fund their ministry for the year.
This year, we are offering something special to one fan and three guests of their choice around Christmastime. As you know, we do a 13 city Christmas tour every year. Take a second to check out our tour page and see if we are close to you. If so, we would love for you to bid on our package...

The package is this....4 tickets and backstage passes to the Point of Grace Christmas Tour show of your choice. (Some of our shows will even have Phillips, Craig and Dean!!!) Dinner before the show with Leigh, Denise and myself, and a Point of Grace gift bag with Cds, t-shirts, and of course, our cookbook!

The bidding will go live tomorrow at 9am central. I will twitter and facebook the link as soon as I get it!! Follow us at @pointofgrace on twitter, or check the twitter box on our homepage tomorrow morning for the link!!
We would love to see you at Christmas and mostly help to support this cause that has personally affected me in such a huge way...

Happy Early Holidays!


this sounds great cant wait to get your new cd.

can someone please tell me why heather left the group and if she is still singing. if so, does she have a website, im sorry i dont remember her last name or i would look her up. i have every album you have ever put out and love you gals so much and even took my niece girls of grace. it would really be great if you can forward the info on to me about heather to thanks and God Bless You gals keep on singing. RonneeSue

Will the full list of Christmas tour dates be listed before the auction ends? Are all the dates in December "Home for the Holidays" dates? Some have that title, others don't. Thanks.

Any plans to come to the Indianapolis area???

What a great initiative! It's so great to have someone to talk about our problems, and together find an answer!! I love the idea of "Porter's Call"...

If I had an opportunity to go to US by the end of this year, I surely would go after this package you have!! I hope someone truly special gets it!! :)

Happy early Holidays to you too, Shelley!
From down here Brazil,