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Shelley Says...

on September 30, 2011

I really really really love fall. I'm not gonna say it's my very fave season because that would be Winter/Christmas...or is it summer/vacay??

I dunno.

That's one great thing about living in Nashville, we get ALL the seasons, and I loveeeeeee this time of year...

Because we are leaving for Baltimore in just a few hours to do Girls of Grace tomorrow, this will be short and sweet.

Six reasons I love fall...

These signs go up in Brentwood where I live about mid-September. They just make me happy.

My first pumpkin spice latte of the loves...even if they do spell my name wrong....

Seeing this outside the grocery store...gotta love Fresh's the same as other grocery stores except they make everything look prettier, then they charge more. And I pay it.

Sugar cookies from Puffy Muffin. Yep. You read that right. Puffy Muffin. Aptly named since they've been making my muffin top puffier and puffier for years.

Did you see this on my Twitter the other day? Worth repeating. The very large wooden fruit bowl on my island becomes the Candy Corn Holy of Holies. Two weeks ago it was spilling over. I'll show you another pic around October 30th.

And my very fave. Our firepit. Right now is the perfect weather for pitting. This is where we sit most nights after dinner for awhile. It's one of the few places Caroline actually has conversations with us. Or we play a game around it. Or I just ignore David and Caroline and look at my ipad.

Have a blessed weekend and enjoy the FALL!


I don't know the name of the piece. It starts with "Wake up to the sunlight..." I got the lyrics some time ago from my cousin. My wife died on Tuesday after a struggle with Alzheimer's. I found the lyrics today. Her name was Francis Elaine Baines. I called her "Sunshine" because of her smile and nature.
she lived a life of 72 years full of giving joy and hope to others as a Clinical Social Worker. She lived your song. Now she is at peace, but hopefully not to far away to her me say "I Love You" just once more

Yeah, I love fall too... mostly because of all those warm colors! For me it's not that good because fall doesn't means "soon to be Christmas", as our Christmas happens to be on Summer... but anyways, enjoy fall there!!! (OMG, it's already October!! Can't believe it!!)

Brazilian hugs,

Love the change of seasons.. living in FLA nothing ever changes.. am waiting to sell my many properties and move to GOD'S COUNTRY.. western NC... love the scenic views there. please JESUS hurry and hear my prayer. wanting and waiting now for over 5yrs . the market for houses is terrible here.

Im a missionary in Ecuador. and English teacher in the most precious school here. Im single...and 21. Fall is my favorite...and then Christmas. This (along with a series of horrible events to this glorious day) made me cry. I´re probably thinking...Wow...shes emotional. Im usually not. This is just my first field...and I let´s just say I have had my obstacles and they have been increasing lately.

...yeah, and after that short-unecessary bio. haha...
I appreciate this before you go off to do some amazing things for God in the US! Drink anothing Sbux for me.

Mary Anne :)