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Shelley Says...

on October 05, 2011

Happy October 5th!!

We have been enjoying the most awesome weather here in Nashville lately. Fall in Nashville is just the best!

Three random things for today in my world....

First, my daughter has recently become completely obsessed with Monopoly.

She loves to play it, and I found out my friend Keely is obsessed as well. ( I continue to find out random facts about Keely who I swear has lived 9 lives already...) So tonight, at Caroline's invitation, there will be a big Monopoly game at the Breen house. She called Keely and invited her over to play, and she is already worried that we won't finish the game. I agreed with her that we wouldn't, as Monopoly takes a long time, but Keely has a plan to photograph the board so we can continue at a later date.


I am SO SO SO excited to be traveling to Little Rock this weekend for my 20 year college Homecoming at Ouachita Baptist University.

I am actually receiving an "Alumni Acheivement Award" at halftime, and I have NO idea what I'm going to wear. Oh, and I'm singing the national anthem as well. I'm so scared I'm gonna go all Christina Aguilera on it...I'm going to write cheat words on my hand just in case. She spooked me at the Super Bowl.

OBU holds such sweet memories for me, and I'm excited to show Caroline (and David) the beautiful campus.

Then, next weekend, we are heading to Florida for Girls of Grace. If you live anywhere remotely close to Jacksonville, Florida, and have a 6th through 12th grade girl, you CANNOT afford to miss this opportunity.

Click here for ticket info and all the deets.....

I hope you all have wonderful fall day...I'll try to take lots of pics from Homecoming!



I found the pic of the candy corn abyss! I think I will print it out, haha! Enjoy your reunion... you are blessed by beauty and a beautiful voice! Enjoy every minute!

Shelley, How can I view the candy corn abyss again? That is a great pic!

When the one person that intrigues you the most if they sing the National Anthem is Dr. LaRoche (now that she's married I refer to her by that title), Aguilera is a nobody now, Shelley!


Yeah, my brothers love to play it too... but I don't understand the whole meaning of playing a game that is endless... anyways, I would love to see you singing the national anthem... why don't you record it and share it with us here, huh??? :D

Have a blessed wednesday!
From Brazil,