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Shelley Says...

on October 13, 2011

Ouachita Baptist University Homecoming

Last weekend I had the joy of returning my college campus to celebrate my (a-hem*) 20 YEAR college Homecoming. I SERIOUSLY cannot believe it has been that long. As most of you know, OBU is where Point of Grace was formed, when Denise and I were Juniors. So actually, POG is 21 years old. That would be ok if we had started when we were 12.

I wanted to show you my Little Rock/Arkadelphia weekend in pictures. I sang the national anthem at the football game on Saturday. I'm not gonna say I wasn't nervous a little. The words always freak me out. I wrote a few cheats on my hand, just in case. I didn't have to use them, but it made me feel better knowing they were there.

On Friday my mom and I drove down to OBU from Little Rock. I received an Alumni Milestone Award for the class of '91. It was so sweet of them to honor me with this.

There were six of us who received the award. Friday we did a panel discussion about our experience at OBU for perspective students and their parents. Afterwards, we all ate lunch together and I got to spend a little time with Rex Horne and his wife. He is the newest president of our University and he is doing a great job. The campus has never looked better.

In between OBU stuff, I got to spend some time with lots of family members. Here is Caroline and her cousins, Grant and Davis on Friday night.

This was really special. My dad retired back in May. His clinic had a big party for him and everyone got him cards and special gifts. His head nurse, Mary, who he has worked with for years took pictures of Caroline and her cousins back in May when we were in Little Rock for his party so she could do a REALLY SPECIAL gift for him. She is an INCREDIBLE drawer and oil painter.

She has been working on this oil ever since, and Friday night she and her husband came over for dinner and the big "unveiling presentation."

WE WERE BLOWN AWAY and my dad was thrilled!!!!

The painting looks JUST like them. We told Mary (pictured) that she could make thousands of dollars doing this.The picture above the fireplace of me, my sister, our husbands and dogs (before children) was quickly removed to make room for the new stars of the show-the grandkids. We're ok with that.

Saturday we went to the game. I had to get the kids OBU shirts. Don't they look so cute. Caroline said on the way home she might go to OBU, they had a blast there and everyone was so nice to them...I guess I WILL be moving back to Arkansas if that happens!! :0)

These are some friends we saw on campus that day. I went to school with Scott Snider (gray shirt) and we always had lots of fun together. He is hilarious! We both found our spouses after we left OBU. This is his sweet wife Mary and their three kids. Aren't they a great looking family?! He said he needed to sign a release to be in my blog...haha

These sweet people have not aged ONE single bit. Bart, Kimberly, Kelly and John. They all dated in college and went on to get married and have beautiful kids. Kimberly (gray shirt) and I were in the same class and pledged Chi Delta together. I swear she still looks 20. I'm just laughing to myself right now, because in these two pictures of friends I saw, you are looking at perhaps three of the wildest, craziest boys that went to OBU during my time there...Scott Snider, Bart Ferguson, and John McQuistion. They were ALWAYS up for the party. Or throwing it.

So good to see everyone!

This is Caroline with the current Miss Arkansas, Kristin Glover. She is an OBU grad, will compete in Miss America in January, and received the same award I did for the class of 2011.
We were the only two girls. Nice. 20-something beauty queen and 42 year old....something.

I LOVED standing by her in photos. NOT.

Here I am at halftime receiving my award. Seriously, those cheerleaders look 12. Did we look like that in college?? I just don't think we did.

Also, my dad and husband were most impressed with the '01 recipient to my right. Brent Gambill. He is the executive producer for Major League Baseball on the Sirius Satellite network. Yep. My dad asked if he needed anyone to carry his bags to all those games!

Everyone was so sweet and it was neat to feel the unique loyalty and connection that all OBU grads have with one another.

Thanks to everyone at OBU for making me and my family feel so welcome. It was good to be "home."



Thanks Shelley for the honor of being in your blog! I was so happy that you and your family enjoyed the picture so much. It made it very worth it to me to see the kids light up when they recognized themselves. I have told your dad, as I am sure he knows, your family is wonderful and very blessed. Thanks for sharing! Mary

Shelley, I am currently a Sophomore at OBU and I am in the choir that you all are singing with this December for Festival of Christmas. Also, you apparently sat by my dad during part of the game last Saturday. :) Needless to say, I was very jealous! LOL But congrats on your award and you did terrific on the National Anthem!

Shelley, That's awesome that you made it back for the reunion/homecoming weekend. I wanted to go but just couldn't swing it. Great to see some other familiar faces from OBU, too -- Kimberly is just as beautiful as she used to be! Congrats on your award, by the way! Keep up the good work...
Shannon (Lauterbach) Morales, OBU '91

My name is Ashley Allison Fisher and I went to obu as well from 02-06. Anyway, I was a chi delta also and actually randomly sat next to the people in your picture from Obu, Bart and Kimberely on a plane one time! It's such a crazy small world especially when it comes to OBU!

Proud of you! :D It seems you have great times back at college... I'm 1 year to be out of college, and I can imagine I'm gonna miss it so much!

I love the pictures... thanks for sharing! I still wish you could share a film of you singing the national anthem! :} I do know you must have totally rocked singing it!

One more thing: I just LOVE the outfit at the first picture!!! You look so pretty and happy!! :}

Blessings and love from Brazil,

you CAN'T move.... ever. please remove that sentence from your blog.... :) nice award - does it also say "best neighbor"?