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Shelley Says...

on October 25, 2011

This weekend the kids got to go with us to St.Louis for a show. There really isn't much they would rather do than go anywhere on a tour bus. I remember when Caroline was really young, she asked if we could get a bus for our yard to "play in."

Yes. Let me get right on that.

There was a Starbucks in the parking lot of our hotel. Here is Price and Caroline on their breakfast date.

Breakfast of champions....izze's and lemon pound cake. I think Caroline had an apple fritter in that bag. Actually, I know she did. I finished it off.

Here is Price, Darby, Bella (our sound guy's little girl) and Caroline getting ready create havoc at the hotel pool.

Poor Price with all those girls.

On Sunday, we went to the sweetest Mother Daughter Tea Party for a little girl in Caroline's class. I am so mad at myself for not taking more pictures. I didn't get a single one of the table or the food, and it was AH-MAZING.

Here are the girls in their cute dresses...

Caroline is on the left in the green, Lydia in the stripes, Lily to the right of her, Ruth Anne in the blue flower dress (she was the guest of honor and her grandma was the hostess with the mostest!), on the back row is Grace Anne, kinda hidden behind the tree, Emory and Lettie Jane.

They are all the sweetest girls you would ever want to meet and we are blessed to have them in our class.

Don't you love their headpieces? They got to make "fascinators"- just like Kate Middleton wears. SO ENGLISH! Love it!

This is the only other pic I got of the girls. Caroline picked out her own outfit!

Loved this bedazzled tea pot!! The girls drank hot chocolate made with real chocolate chips and hot milk. Delicious!

Here are a few of the moms....This is Jane Ann, Libby, and Tania....(better known as Mrs. Ford, Caroline's first grade teacher) I really don't remember my teachers looking like that...

And here is the wonderful hostess, Ruth Ann's grandma "Gim Gam" the name....and her daughter Barbara, Ruth Ann's mom. Barbara has been in nursing school the past year, and we all marvel at how she has 3 kids and is going to school, and keeping it all together. I think if I ever had to study for anything again I would die.

Hope you enjoyed a little peak into our weekend! Have a great week!



Peeking into your life makes you so real. I love that. Thanks for sharing.

Tea + fascinators? So glamurous! Love it!!!

Have a great week!!
From Brazil,