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Shelley Says...

on November 04, 2011

I love traditions. One of the things I love most about Caroline's school is that they really instill the value of tradition in the children. Every year, for each grade, there are huge "milestones" that the kids can look forward, or look back on, with a great sense of accomplishment and pride. Almost a rite of passage. It may be a dress up day, an out of town trip, becoming a "buddy" to a younger student, or a special program. She still talks about "Second Grade Look Alike Day." She dressed as her first grade teacher...and is still so proud of that.

Caroline also wanted to make sure yesterday that I realized they were now the "head" of the "lower school"...the oldest kids and leaders in the lower school, and that in fourth grade they would be back to being the youngest again, and for me to understand that she was ok with's all part of the process. She is already very aware of her "place" in the "food chain", but in a good way. I think it makes her feel secure.

Last night was probably their biggest accomplishment so far...THE THIRD GRADE PLAY. I capitalized it, because you cannot imagine what an impression it makes on the kids. They practice for weeks, and talk about it at home all the time. It's fun to watch them gear up for something.

One of the first grade teachers, Ms. Carraway, writes a new play each year, figures out all the costumes, and heads the whole thing up. We love her for that!

Here are some fun photos from the night...

Caroline's "brother" that lives next door went with us. She was very excited about introducing Ben to all of her friends. She drug the poor guy around like a puppy after the play. He was a good sport about it.

Here he is before the play showing me Caroline's name in the program. As you can see, she was a catfish...such a nod to her Arkansas roots...

Here is the cute program.

The catfish did their dance to "Too Many Fish in the Sea" and it was adorable. I know the dance myself because I've seen it at home so many times. Thinking about adding it into our show...just me, dancing to "Too Many Fish in the Sea", while Denise and Leigh take a water break.

There she is at the microphone, saying her lines.

Which I also know...

Here she is after with dad. She was excited that he brought her flowers. She came home and decorated a vase with stickers and Orbeez (her latest obsession don't ask) and put the flowers on display.

This is her classmate Lily, who was a snake, and Lily's sister Emmeline.

Two cute catfish...Emory and Caroline...

They really had a great time and were so happy and gleeful after the play. She ate an entire footlong turkey sub from Subway after the show.

Being a star is hard work.

Have a great weekend everyone...


Caroline's performance as a catfish was spectacular! She is ready for Broadway! You are so right about the play being a huge milestone for our little 3rd graders!

I love hearing about all the family adventures.

As I can see, your daughter is too committed with the things she does! That's admirable!! Give my brazilian's congrats to her!! Looks like she is practicing to be a star just like her mom! :D Thanks for sharing! Blessings...