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Shelley Says...

on November 11, 2011

Hello from Jamestown, NY. We are doing a show here tonight with Jason Castro!

It was a long drive and we just arrived, ate a quick lunch of lasagna inside the hall, and I came back on the bus to write my blog. I think the girls went to the hotel, but one can never be sure about internet there, so here I am.

There were 3 bags of these things sitting in the catering room. We decided they must be a local favorite and since we are visitors, we thought it would be ok to open one. They were DELISH.

Don't those just look so inviting. We thought so.

So apparently Jamestown, NY is the birthplace of Lucille Ball. Check it out...

They have a cute little theater named after her, too.

I seriously love when we sing downtown. Even though it snowy and FREEZING outside, it's so fun to look around and see what it's like. Today we are going to practice Christmas music for our upcoming Christmas shows. Check out here if we are heading your way. We have a new acapella Silent Night that we are working on. It's sounds pretty bad right now, but we are getting there! HA!

Just wanted you to see a little of what we were up to today.

Ya'll have a great weekend!



This is Daphne and Elisa from Jamestown NY. You guys did AMAZING your harmonies were perfect and your dynamics were right on point!! You guys are so inspiring and with god in my life each new day is a new beginning.

Shelley, Just got home from dinner out with my daughter and her 4 friends and their mommas, after the GOG event today in Grand Rapids. I can't believe you all hauled yourselves in from NY yesterday.. woo! You were all great. Leighs testimony was amazing. The girls were all apprehensive about going today, but we had a great conversation at dinner and they all agreed it was life changing. Thanks for today! Many blessings, Sheila

Really enjoyed your concert tonight in Jamestown. You singing was great and I appreciated your humor. I hope you enjoyed your short visit to our city. Thank you for your dedication to singing music that glorifies Jesus for so many years.
Mike Rohlin
Jamestown, NY

I just returned home from your concert in Jamestown,NY. May I humbly say to you THANK YOU LADIES (and gentlemen) for performing here tonight!!! The house was packed and God's love was flowing through the place!!! I have loved your music from the beginning, but most of all I love your transparency and the love in your heart for God!!! I am glad that you were happy to see snow~~come here anytime in the winter and we will share!! (great skiing places here) OH! And need to get a Tim Horton's in Nashville! Thank you sooo much and I will go to sleep tonight with your songs in my head! Blessings Mary B.

Thanks for your time updating us!! Specially for me, living so many miles away... it's good to know! Thanks for sharing!

Brazilian hugs, Karen

A warm welcome to Jamestown!! My husband and I are coming to see you tonight and can't wait! May the Lord bless you all that you would have a wonderful concert :)