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Shelley Says...

on November 18, 2011

Last night we got to do something so Christmas-y that I am now TOTALLY in the spirit!! We got to sing at the Tree Lighting Ceremony at the Opryland Hotel and it was so fun!! If you have never done the "Opryland Christmas" experience, you have got to make a trip to Nashville to see the lights, the Rockettes, the inside of the hotel, everything! It's all so awesome!

I mean just LOOK at those lights. I'm going to make David do all the trees in our yard JUST like that!

Here we are with the hosts for the night- Lori Ann Crook and Charlie Chase. They are the sweetest and we were first on their show at least 15 or so years ago. I told them that they make me mad because they NEVER age!!

Caroline and Darby each got to bring a friend. Here they are backstage in our tent relaxing. Darby is on the left, then Caroline's buddy from school Grace Anne, then Caroline, and Darby's friend Abby. They were all very sweet and had a great time!!

They did some fireworks right after our show, but I couldn't get a great picture of them. I mostly included this pic because our marketing guy John Clore is in it, and I know he has been DYING to be in our blog since he got the job at Word. Haven't you John??

Here are all the kids together...Price in the background, Spence's girlfriend Allie, and Spence. Can you believe how tall Spence is??? I can't take it. Darby Mae and Caroline really don't know what to think about Spence having a girlfriend. (Actually I don't know what to think about it either. Surely he's not old enough. 21 seems like a reasonable age to me.) Anyway, our girls are uber-protective of him...but I think Allie got the "thumbs up" from Darbs and Kooks because she's "reeeeally pretty." I felt bad for sweet Allie because the girls were staring at her all night. The younger girls are always enamored by the "big girls."

Thompson Square also performed. They sing that song "Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not." They sounded GREAT and were super sweet.

After the performance and lighting, we got to go preview the "ICE" display for this year. It is all centered around the movie "Madagascar" as part of Opryland's new partnership with Dreamworks. Once again I was amazed at the ice sculptures (and how cold they have to keep it.) I had to get a picture of Grace Anne and Caroline in their blue coats...they looked SO CUTE. Like little sumo wrestlers. (Which means I looked like a big sumo wrestler.)

This is called "losing it"'s getting late.

COULD I LOOK BIGGER??????? Just to make myself feel better I will list what I had on under that blue coat.

1. undergarment
2. cami
3. thermal shirt
4. cardigan sweater
5. puffy down coat

So stop judging.

And have a great Thanksgiving...:0)