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Shelley Says...

on May 10, 2012

We just created our Spotify lists! It's so hard to narrow down your favorite songs to ten, so I just went with my gut…


"I Am Crucified With Christ" - This song is based on one of my favorite Bible verses in Galations. I seriously wish I would have known Paul, the writer. Anyway, Phillips, Craig and Dean is one of my ALL TIME favorite groups. When they sing anything, you just KNOW they mean it with 100% of their heart. I love those guys like brothers! And Dan Dean tears it UP on this song.

"Heart of the Matter" - I have loved this melody for years. It's a classic, and so is Don Henley. It doesn't get much better.

"Letting Go" - I love Jessica Harp's voice. She was in the group "The Wreckers" with Michele Branch. They broke up after their first record. Jessica then made a solo record, and this song was on it. I'm honestly not sure if the record got released to stores, or not, but I have always thought this particular song could have been a number one country single. I used to put it on repeat while I was running- and it is not even close to a running song…

"If You're Gonna Leave" - My husband introduced me to Emerson Hart's music. His voice just pops and sticks to me- like putty on a wall, in a good way. This is another one of my "How the heck was this not a huge single?" songs. It's a bit of a backwards love song- but that's why I like it.

"Show Up"- My husband David and I traded cars for a few weeks, and he had a rough copy of Jill Phillip's new release because he books her. I love this song, not only because of her voice, but because of the message. I think most people put super unrealistic expectations on themselves to make huge changes in the world, then forget to be present for the person hurting right next to them. This song reminds me to just show up, be there and be aware.

"More Like Fallin' In Love" - Awhile back I co-hosted the morning show on our local Christian radio station for a week when they were between DJ's. We played the daylights out of this song- and when you hear it you'll see why. It gets in your head and sticks like glue. It's Jason Gray's biggest hit to date, and rightfully so.

"My Holiday" - OK, so this is a Christmas song. Our former sound guy, Mark Linger, used to play this Mindy Smith Christmas record before our shows, and we all LOVED it. He gave each of us our own copy for Christmas about 5 years ago, and it is my 100% favorite Christmas record. Yes, I love Buble' and the Carpenters at Christmas, but the season doesn't start for me until I hear My Holiday. It's a little melancholy, but the good kind of melancholy that makes your stomach hurt. Wait- that doesn't make sense…but you know what I mean….

"This Is the Time" - I respect Michael W. so much as an artist and as a person. He has been more than generous to us through the years. Much of his music was the soundtrack to my high school years. This came out a little later in memory of the Columbine shootings. It's about a girl named Cassie who would not deny Christ to the gunman. Lord, let me be a little more like Cassie everyday.

"Fix You" - It's hard to pick a favorite Coldplay song, but they must be on MY LIST, so I just tried to pick something universally undeniable. Hands down, best concert I've ever been to. Whenever I hear this song, I want to get in my car and drive to the next city they perform in. I saw an interview with Chris Martin and the band on CBS Sunday Morning awhile back, and it only made me love them more.

"Wash Me Away" - POG last but not least. This song holds a special place for me, because when Ian (one of the writers and consequently our producer largely because of this song…) played it for us for the first time, I knew in my heart that someone finally "got it." I don't know if we'll ever make an entire record that sounds like this, but it's my dream. It's just what we sound best on and I ain't afraid to say it.

CLICK HERE to listen!


My daughter and I sing a duet every summer at our church and we would love to do either Because You Are or Wash Me Away (this would sound particularly great with my daughter's ukelele!!!) but I have had no luck locating the sheet music anywhere...any ideas?
thanks so much,
Betsy Goulet
Springfield, IL

Just for the record, if you made a whole album of songs like Wash Me Away, I'd die of complete and utter happiness. I freaking love that song!

Misty Fagan