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Shelley Says...

on May 14, 2012

Well, I had a really cute post planned about our weekend and Mother's Day, but God just changed my mind. My friend Keely just got back from a trip to Tanzania with Compassion. She went as the photographer with a group of well known bloggers, to show them first hand how the child sponsorship program works, and more importantly- how many kids still need us to sponsor them. Keely sent me a link to a post written on the trip by a 38 year old mom of 3 boys- her blog is call "The Nester."

I turned on my computer a few minutes ago to write my Monday blog about how much fun we had on the Huckabee show in NYC Saturday,

And to tell you about how perfectly wonderful and sweet my Mother's Day gift from Caroline was…

But then I remembered that link Keely sent me, so I clicked on to read…

I was crying within about 30 seconds, and maybe it's because I know how it feels to actually meet the child you are sponsoring- but, I was very stricken that I was supposed to share this post with you.

Even if you already sponsor a child, or care NOTHING about getting involved- please read this. It will make you feel something. And that's a good thing. Especially on a Monday. And ESPECIALLY if you have a teenage boy.

(Read it HERE.)

Have a great week my friends,


PS Let me know in the comments if you read the post. We are blogging numbskulls, and apparently it's all the rage to end "with a question" -so people will comment?! So how's this…

Will you leave a comment?


Vernon and Mary Smith are missionaries to Tanzania. Mary and I have been friends for 30+ years. Our church and family support them. You have a tender heart Shelley. God bless.

When are you guys heading to BOWLING GREEN KY?

Hey Shelley...

I`d read this article once already and I cried then. I cried again when I read it again. Thanks for sharing it with POG people.
I have to go now and bisit the Compassion website......

Carol Hulin

Thank you Shelley, for sharing your heart with us! It always blesses me! :-)

Thanks Shelley. . .For sharing Topo's story. It was definitely a visit I will never forget!!

Hi Shelley,

I read this post (and the article) and gets me geared up. When POG was in El Dorado, AR I picked up a child (he just turned 6 earlier this month) from Nicaragua. I became his sponsor and hope to continue to be his as long as I can. :) I was on a mission trip in Nicaragua in 2010 and the country and the people have a place in my heart.

Thank you. Blessings.
- Madison 'Madi Jo' Romine

Hello Shelley,
I sponsor a number of Compassion children, including three boys in Africa. Those pictures were so touching. I cried. Love your cookbook. Have a blessed day and week!