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Shelley Says...

on July 27, 2011

I don't have anything super deep to blog about today, though hopefully next week I will...(a friend of mine just finished writing a Bible Study that I am about to start called "The Secret". It's a study of Colossians which I have done before, but looking forward to her take on it...) So next blog I will commit to something a little more "spiritual", although many of my friends, including myself, would argue today's topic has some sort of spiritual meaning to them...

I love this stuff.

I have no explanation for it other than the gene was handed down from my father. Although he is not drinking them anymore, there was a time when I would proudly watch him put away a six pack per day.

I know all the Mexican restaurants in town that have good Diet Cokes. And the ones that don't. McDonald's has a good one. Sonic, even better. Perfect carbo/syrup ratio-which is key. I love those new tiny cans, even though they are a rip off. I love a hit straight out of a two liter. Much has been written about my beloved substitute for water. The artificial sweeteners are bad for you, the chemicals are like fluids for your car...blah blah blah.

A few months back when I was on the Mark Schultz tour, a friend of mine told me about a healthy diet coke substitute.

Understand, I will never stop drinking old faithful, or loving it...but I wanted to tell you about my new friend...

Meet Zevia...

She's zero calories, has a decent burn, and is 100% natural. Sweetened with the leaf of the stevia plant.

A plant.

That grows out of the ground.

So I'm almost feeling like it counts as a vegetable.

It's a little more expensive, but a little less guilt... a little....

So if you are attempting this summer to make a small healthy change, put a few less chemicals in your body...

give her a try.

I get mine at Whole Foods. Where you pay twice as much for a decent bag of groceries...yippee...


PS If you try it, post below and let me know what you think...


I didn't even have to read the bottom of this post to know it was Shelley's! :-) ...almost like it counts as a vegetable! And I too, and a DC fan. There's a frosty can sitting next to me right nowl!

I LOVE Zevia! I used to do Spritzer ( or something like that), but I'm a Zevia fan! I've been one for a long while.

Hmmm...if you can send some to Canada I'd love to try it!!! Seems they are temporarily unavailable in Canada because the labels aren't bilingual. Sigh.....Enjoy one for me. Thanks for sharing :)

Shelley, Caroline Lewis-Jones (a dear friend and was my dance teacher 2006-08) has been teaching me a list of foods to eat and not to eat. Colas are a HUGE no-no. Sugar ditto. I've been hunting for some Paleo alternatives for cakes, et al (I've been successful at doing them) and have added frequent paleo meals.

As for Whole Foods, I must disclose as a shareholder, I am a fan and would rather buy WFM's more expensive natural foods than processed packages at many stores.


I stole one out of your fridge last week when I had to borrow milk for the mac n cheese. It was good - but, ya know, not DC. Can't we give up something else ... like laundry?
:) your favorite neighbor (til someone cooler moves in next door)

No diet for me. I'll take regular, thank you very much. And as soon as you ship Zevia out to me down in Brazil, I'll let you know what I think! Ha!

Blessings to you!

Shelley you are hilarious!

I agree, Shelley is hilarious, one of the many great things about a PoG concert. She really should take a crack at comedy, a little moonlighting never hurt anyone!

Bob Schoolcraft

Oh man, you know what? You kill me! lol When I read it, I actually can see YOU talking, philosophising about that precious drink! Hahaha... If someday I can find it, I'll try! In Brazil we have "Guaraná"! Have you ever heard about it?? All the americans I know always come back wanting more "Guaraná"! :D


We drink Zevia too! So much better for you than artificial sweeteners, therefore worth the extra few cents per can. :)