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Shelley Says...

on August 17, 2012

Well, it's time for my obligatory "Back to School" photos! Woo-hoo…

I didn't take as many this year, because, you know…..4th graders get embarrassed by things.

Like posing for pictures in their classroom on the first day of school.

How dare we ask!! :0)

Caroline is loving school. She has such a sweet teacher and group of kids to spend the year with. David and I were talking last night about how fortunate we have been all these years to have had such a carefree school experience. I'm sure I just jinxed myself by saying that- but I'm grateful none the less! Believe me-I've heard plenty of stories about the impending girl drama that is about to unfold...

Here we are outside of school Monday morning. The funny thing is- we both walked off the bus literally an hour and a half before this photo. I told Caroline she was such a rockstar.

Caroline's teacher this year is named Mrs. Clement. She LOVES her and tells me everyday how nice she is SO thankful for Godly teachers that love our kids.

The older I get, the younger all the teachers look to me. This happens.

I love how Caroline is sporting her Meredith Andrews bracelet from Girl of Grace on the first day!

We are off to Charlotte tonight for Girls of Grace!

Happy Weekend,