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Shelley Says...

on August 24, 2012

Happy Friday everyone!! What a beautiful week it has been here in Nashville. The days are still hot, but I can definitely smell fall in the air!

It won't be long before I replace the geraniums for mums and crank up the fire pit.

We are off this weekend, but we had a wonderful time in Charlotte at Girls of Grace just a few days ago. I am SO SO thankful that I get to take Caroline to "work" with me, and that she will have her fun memories of "the bus" when she gets older.

We left out on Friday night, and sweet Dara, one of our booking agents at 25 Entertainment, rode the bus with us. She is an INCREDIBLE baker, and BLESSED us with a homemade chocolate cake that was literally still warm. Thank you Dara!! We loved every bite. I told her no one, and I mean NO ONE, will ever appreciate her gifts more than POG!

We were beyond thrilled to have for KING & COUNTRY with us at Girls of Grace for the first time this weekend. They did a fabulous job, reminding the girls at the conference that they were so very valuable and like princesses to God. Their show was super fun and energetic, and I really hope we can get them back with us!

Here they are backstage after their show with our girls, right before they went out to greet about 700 more girls. Just a little older -and most likely a leetle teeny bit boy crazy. I'm thinking they sold a lot of t-shirts that day. ;0)

Caroline hung out backstage with me a little bit during the day and I managed to snap a few pics... I actually think Darby took these... good job Darbs!!

And here are the buddies.

Ruling the road, one weekend at a time!

Thanks for letting me share about our Girls of Grace weekend. I hope ya'll have a great one. We don't have any big plans this weekend, except I'm excited to try a new restaurant in Franklin that has been getting lots of write ups. It's a family style Italian one with several courses called Mangia. It's only open one night a week- they also say you shouldn't eat for one week prior because the food is so plentiful!

oops... I forgot to do that part.

Love you all,

I'll try to do a "review" next week and let you know how it is...