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Shelley Says...

on October 12, 2012

Hi everyone! Happy Friday to you - I write you with a full heart today!

Last night we hosted a 30th Birthday Celebration for one of the sweetest, greatest, most awesome-est girls in the world…


Born when I was 13. Awesome.

It was a 100% perfect fall night - made even more perfect by the 50 something people that all came to celebrate Keely. Some celebrations in life are true memory makers - and 10/11/12 was definitely one of them…

Here is a little photo album of the big par-tay…

First off - the hostesses with mostesses….(my spell correct just went crazy)…

Christie Bragg, Kierstin Casella, Jill Tomalty and Brandi Lester - you girls are the BOMB. My house has never looked more Martha Stewart - and never will again. (Sorry Keely. I will be in a wheelchair by the time you turn 40 - so I won't be hosting that.)

This is Keely's husband Gabe. I LOVE THIS PICTURE. In his mind he is thinking "Dear Lord, Please don't let me drop this cake. It cost 1 million dollars."

I mean seriously - isn't it the cutest?? It was Chocolate Truffle on the bottom, and sour cream pound cake on the top. This morning I wanted to kick myself for not saving a piece to have with my coffee. So instead I got a birthday cake flavored cake pop from the Starbucks drive- thru. You know, to keep the party going...

Keely's parents, Tommy and Kathy Orr flew in from Houston for the celebration. Even though it looks like Miss Kathy is holding a cigarette. I assure you, she is not. I believe that is an ink pen. We were so glad to have them - it made everything extra special.

This little get up was Jill's idea�of course we need a S'mores Bar. HELLO?? What's a party without it? Do yourself a favor a make a s'more with a Reese's Cup next time. Unless you have a peanut allergy, then don't.

Kierstin made all these cool burlap banners to hang everywhere and they were so cute. I should really think about getting a glue gun. But then I would just look at it and feel bad about myself. So we'll leave this kind of thing to Krafty Kritter Kierstin.

I just thought this was cool picture from behind the house. Brandi thought of putting out all those glass cylinders for floating candles. Have you ever tried to find floating candles in October? Let me save you some time - only at Hobby Lobby, only in the bridal section, and only cheesy pearlescent white. Only recommended for far away displays.

I just like this picture because it makes my patio look clean - which it is not. Especially right now.

This was at the front door. Again, Kierstin's writing. I couldn't do that even if I had a stencil.

This little (actually big) creation was the brainchild of Christie and Todd Bragg. It was SO COOL, and everyone loved seeing Keely's pictures. I really want to keep it in my living room. Maybe not with the Keely pictures�

Again, who the heck thinks of stuff like this�Krafty Kritter Kierstin�that's who. My husband wasn't happy that these were on the tv table blocking the Titan's game. They spent the week leading up to the party on the floor.

Really cool flowers�.I picked these from my flower garden and arranged them.

And last but not least, the food table�.I will be eating pulled pork and strawberries for 2 years, just so you know.

Happy 30th Keely!!!

Love, Shelley


Shelley, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your sense of humor!!! We would be besties if we lived close, I just know. wink, wink Your house looked gorgeous!!! So happy you got to celebrate XO


Thank you gals for an Amazing Night!