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Shelley Says...

on October 17, 2012

This blog will be super short as I am writing it from my iPhone. We are spending the week at 3 back to back women's conferences at Mackinac Island in Michigan. We have a blast so far getting to know the women who run the conference, eating lots of fudge (a Mackinac specialty) and wandering the island! Below are the only 3 pics (shame on me) that I've taken- One of our hotel with Denise and Michael in the distance, one of the view out my window, and one of where we are afraid little Andy might be born! Hahahha! Seriously - Leigh is hanging in there but it's good to know we have options!

Love y'all-


I was there with two very special girlfriends. We had a wonderful time. Bought your Cooking with Grace cookbook and the new CD. Love them both!!

P.S. Is there an accompaniment track for "What I Already Know"? Would love to sing it at my church next month.

I want you gals to know that I am very thankful for your Ministry of Music. I had the privilage of attending quite a few Point of Grace Concerts before I got married 8 1/2 years ago. I have been truly blessed by your music. I have 2 very active little boys ages 6 & 8 so my concert going days are paused for awhile. I always look forward to reading your blogs. Point of Grace is blessed to have a platform to reach out to people of all walks of life. To be introduced to an awesome Life with Christ! I am constantly praying for you all as you travel and perform on stage more lives are touched through your music and testimonies.
May God Bless You!!

sounds like Mackinac Island is a good place to be for a women's conference & the 3rd<->third picture here that I'm seeing where there's a sign on top of the beautiful flowers but anyway that looks pretty there to Mackinac Island that's in Michigan good place to be for a women's conference Point of Grace ladies!! :)
And God Loves the 3 of yous!
Jesus Blesses the 3 of yous!

Have you re-enacted scenes from Somewhere In Time? Are you even old enough to have seen that movie?!?!

I was born in Michigan and lived there for 20 years but only visited Mackinac Island once. I loved the visit. Enjoy yourselves.
Leigh...don't get spooked by the horses. You never know what could happen.

Charlie Cook

Shelly it was great spending the few days with all u girls, your music really ministers too me. God bless you, Denise, and Leigh, for all you do for God's glory. Love you sister in Christ.
Sue Matouka

If Andy is born there, you'll have a GREAT story to tell about his birth.
Have good day there.