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Shelley Says...

on January 04, 2013

Happy New Year everyone!!

We are at home today savoring the last official day of vacation. Caroline had close to 3 weeks off and we have loved every single minute of it. I LOVE CHRISTMAS BREAK!!!!

We got to do lots of fun and Christmas-y things together - I wish I would have taken more pictures! Isn't that always the case?!

I took Caroline and our neighbor Sarah to see the Nashville Nutcracker and it was so so good. The next night we went to see the Rockettes. We took our good friend Michael along with us. I bought him a ticket for his Christmas present because he had never seen them. It was such a fun night and great way to kick off the holidays.

Here is a picture outside of the Opry House before the Rockettes that Michael took of us…

I finally got a new BLACK purse for Christmas - that brown one is SO OLD….I'm retiring it. It's been good to me, but bye bye…

Dave took this one with Michael. I told him he should send it out as his Christmas card. Hahahhaha….(I really just wanted you to see his dapper coat and scarf) (and shoes)

After the show we picked up David's brother Brian from the airport, and went to eat at Bricktops, our FAVE restaurant. I wish I could say the "Eat Fest" didn't start until that night, which was the 21st, but unfortunately it started WAY before that…very unfortunate.

My parents got to my house on the 22nd, and we had such a sweet Christmas. Caroline LOVED having her Uncle Bri and Mimi and Boppa here.

We even cranked up the hot tub a few times…

The pool was 52 degrees and I'm pretty sure there were a few kids in it on a few occasions. (Something about the "polar bear club.") No thanks.

No thanks to 52 degrees and no thanks to putting on a swimsuit. HA!

We have a tradition that my mom started with us when we were kids - that is to pick ONE gift to open on Christmas Eve. Caroline opened this Disneyworld game that David found for her on ebay. She and the neighbor kids have played that thing a thousand times. Money well spent!

I look at this picture of her and her dad, and I think…David is getting cuter the older he gets. Men are lucky in that way. HA!

Here is Caroline and her Uncle Bri. Right after we got home on Christmas Eve. Church and Chinese food. So all American!

aaaaaaaaand here is Mimi on Christmas Day. Cooking up some Parmesan Mashed Potatoes. The Eat Fest continues…

Well - those are just few of our holiday moments…
Hope you had a wonderful restful Christmas and that your New Year is off to a great start!!