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Shelley Says...

on March 13, 2013

Well, it's hump day, and I am trying to wake up and climb over it!! I wish I was a morning person - but I'm just not. Trouble is, I'm not a night person, either…

"Early to bed, late to rise."

That's my motto!!

Some of you have seen on our Twitter that we have changed the name of our radio show to "Real Life with Point of Grace." This comes on the heels of a special partnership we are doing with several of the Today's Christian Music network stations. Our show is now airing from 9-12pm on Saturday nights in about 75 different markets and has been since January. SO EXCITING!! In Nashville, we have an incredible local Christian music station, 94FM "The Fish". We LOVE them so much, listen to them faithfully, and are so happy and honored to hear our show here, in our hometown, every Saturday.

If you don't get "Real Life" in your town, you can listen to us live, right here on "The Fish."

Here are a few of the places you can hear "Real Life"

at 7pm Eastern Saturday nights in Cleveland/Akron, OH WCLN 107.3 at 7pm Eastern Saturday nights in Clinton/Fayetteville, NC WFCJ 93.7 at 10pm Eastern Saturday nights in Dayton, OH

I promise a full list super soon!!

In other news, I'm headed to my home state of Arkansas for spring break and I'm so excited!!

I know this is short! Don't hate!

More on the radio show soon,
Packing awaits,