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Shelley Says...

on April 15, 2013

Hi there everyone-

Hope your weekend was great! We had a show in California on Saturday night, so we flew out Saturday morning SUPER early. We had a great time in Jackson, California - and met some really nice people who took great care of us! We were pretty tired last night - I told the girls my body is getting a little too old for doing close to 24 hours with no sleep!! I used to bounce right back from that - but not anymore!

Friday night our school had a "Father Daughter" sock hop. Below are a couple of pictures. Caroline looked so cute and they had so much fun. I love hearing all of her stories when she gets home. (David said he was sweating to death in that "faux" leather jacket I got him…hahaha)

I hope you have a blessed and productive Monday - I've unpacked my bag from the weekend, so that's a good start I guess!

Love to you all,