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Shelley Says...

on August 12, 2011

It's Friday, Friday, Friday....

(sung to the tune of that Rebecca Black thing...)

We have had a great week at the Breen house. A week of not doing much! I love that!

And so does Caroline. She would love to live her life "not doing much" I'm pretty sure.

A few nights ago was "Meet the Teacher" night at her school. She LOVED her teacher and told me over and over again how pretty she was...

"She's so pretty mom."

"She's so pretty. She has blond hair!"

"Mom, don't you think Ms. Mayberry is going to be so nice? She's so pretty."


Just like your MOTHER!!!! Except not 12.


Caroline is SO disrespectful of her mother's middle-age crisis...

Ms. Mayberry, in case your reading...I am thrilled about you. I really am. Just jealous, that's all. ;0)

Here is Caroline at her desk...with her new school supplies that you can pre-order, pay lots of extra money for, but not have to go to Wal-Mart with a list to get.

Can I get an AMEN?

I would have paid more.

Who's the sucker now??

Last night, (you may have seen on my twitter, but so cute worth repeating) Caroline and the neighbor kids did their last summer "show". This one was new.

It was interactive...a the driveway. Complete with games, concessions, and goodie bags. I loved it. They should seriously have a reality show. They are the cutest. So creative.
Here they are in their costumes...

Can you take the cuteness?

They love doing these "shows" for us. And we really love watching them. And cleaning up after them.

Ok, not that part.

Tomorrow I am going to see "The Help." I AM PUMPED!
I read the book forever ago and it was SO GOOD. If you haven't read it, you seriously need to.

You will love it.

Then, we are going to eat at an Indian restaurant that has been in Nashville forever, but I have never been. Supposedly it's the best one, it's called Shalimar. Supposedly Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman eat there alot. We'll see. Maybe they secretly love Point of Grace and will buy our dinner if they are there. YES! Indian food and Sushi have become my cravings, and I curse my friend Jill for EVER introducing me...

I hope you have a smile on your face going into the weekend!

Love you all,

PS We were talking today about things to write about in our blog...if you have any questions for us or suggestions....feel free to write them in the comment box below. We will be together in the car tomorrow going to sing in Clarksville, TN, so we can read them and discuss!


Let me just tell you how psyched I was to be at a front table to my most favorite group ever. I have been listening to you since early 90's and I still get chills when I not only hear your voice but the message. As a mother myself, I look forward to sharing you with my daughter as she grows up. I know my little Harper Rose will love you as much as I do. You are all amazing and such a wonderful, talented, and dedicated group of ladies. Thanks so much for performing at such an important cause as the Hope Pregnancy Center. It was truly AMAZING.
God Bless,
Michelle Main

What I would love to see in your blog is how excited you are about your upcoming Australian tour! Okay, so you don't have a tour organised YET


You could talk about how much you miss me! ;-).
Ya'll are doing a wonderful job and I'm so proud of you!!
Keep shining for Jesus!
Love and prayers always!
Melaina Maney

I think a fun blog would be stories or insights from past road trips and tours that had events that are worthy of writing about. I'm sure there are some stories that deserve a blog or two. An example would be Shelley's brilliant maneuver of leaving her car running the entire time while you guys were gone for a show. LOL (no offense Shelley......) I think those kinds of stories would be fun to hear.
Have a great weekend,
Nick, California

How can anyone NOT have a smile on their face after reading that! You always make me LOL :)

As someone who is an avid reader, I "love" it when you tell us what you're reading now, or about a book you have read (like The Help"). So, keep the booke titles coming :)

Carol H

Hi Ladies,

I love any kind of Scripture related blogs, pics when your out and about, lots more video's of your concerts and behind the scene stuff - I like it when your messing about and having fun. Yes, any of your songs - the more the better, can never get enough of POG.

Love y'all loads, have a great concert, try not to forget any words, lol, those vids are funny too,

Take care, praying for ya sisters,

Sarah, from sunny England. xxxxxxxxxx

So excited that y'all are going back into the studio! Is Nathan Chapman producing again?

Can I suggest bringing back the video blogs? Those were so fun!

Have a great show this weekend!


After this post, of course I do! Thanks for sharing... I love reading what you have been doing!
Good luck to find Keith and Nicole at the Indian restaurant!! :D

About questions and suggestions... I really think you are doing great here! You certainly are touching lives and bringing joy by this blog! My only suggestion would be a live chat via 'ustream' or 'twitcam'! :D It would be awesome!

Have a great and super blessed weekend yall, girls!!

Feel my embrace from Brazil,

I love reading the encouragement blogs that have been posted. Would love to have more... if God gives yall any words of wisdom and knowledge to say ((write)).

Also, I have gifts for yall.. where do I send them??

Madison, , El Dorado, AR
( @writermadi )

Shelley, you're sooooooooo funny. Starting with what you started talking about: Rebecca Black. And I ask: "What day was yesterday?". Sooooooo funny. And then about the Carol's teacher. Carol sometimes may doesn't understand you. And about her school materials: "Who's the sucker now?" Lol.

I love you, Shelley.
I love POG.

I always love reading your blog....I will be interested to see a review of the movie (I also want to see it)...and I like any recipe/food-related posts you do!