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Shelley Says...

on August 16, 2011

We got to do something really great this past weekend! The three of us girls and Dana, our guitar player drove to Clarksville, TN to sing for a sweet group of ladies. We just love all women audiences! We're all the same! We are just happy to be out of the house and doing something other than laundry, amen??

The event was a Mother/Daughter tea to raise money and awareness for the Hope Pregnancy Center and their Mom2Mom program in Clarksville. These women are making such great strides to give girls that find themselves in a crisis pregnancy situations a REAL choice. Sharing the love of Jesus and teaching these women and girls how to love their children is such an important job. I am grateful for the tireless women in Clarksville who make this center a reality everyday.

Each of the tables at the tea had a theme and were decorated by the women who sponsored the tables. There were so many cute ones-Martha Stewart would have been proud...
I was so mad at myself because I forgot to take photos of the tables, and by the time I remembered, this was the only one still up...

Seems to be a butterfly/insect theme. So cute...

Those tall glasses kinda look like beer glasses from a pub, but I assure you they were not! hahaha

I took photos of the women from the stage and told them all to read my world-wide blog on Tuesday and they would see themselves! So here it goes!

I told them to look excited like we were really rockin' it out. They did a good job. We were one step away from a mosh pit. (Is that how you spell mosh? I have no idea. Lord.)

Here is the second photo...

aaaaaand the last group....I hope I got everyone in. I promised!!!! If you are from Clarksville and are reading this please comment below...I want to know if you guys listened and obeyed! hahaha

We got home right around supper time, so we had a POG family dinner at our local Mexican restaurant with all the really, couldn't have asked for a better day.

Speaking of the was Caroline's first day of for school-third grade. She looked SO CUTE. I cannot even take it.

Look at her shoes...aren't they so grown up? No more sparkly Sketchers for her. NO SIR...we are wearing Sperry's my friend. Like the 4TH GRADERS!!
I couldn't believe it when those were what she picked out. Notice the "friendship" ankle bracelet made of thread on the outside of her sock. Awesome!

She's so pretty. Look at that face and those pigtails. SO CUUUUUUUTE.

That's it.

I'm starting her in pageants. Toddlers and Tiaras.

She can play Mario Kart on wii for her talent.

have a great day everyone!
Love and smiles,

PS kidding about T and Tiaras. Maybe.


Thanks for coming to Clarksville. We had a lovely time.

Thank you for being a part of the Mother Daughter Tea. I am enjoying your CD and cook book. What talented ladies you are. I hope you'll return to Clarksville soon.

We had a great time Saturday at the tea. My 14 year old loves Point of Grace. It was nice for her to see such a real side of the band and what you are really about.

we had a wonderful experience and were truly blessed to have you all sing for us! What an awesome experience with my daughter! Thank you!

Thank you so much for coming and supporting such a great cause. If the little girl in front had it her way there probably would have been a mosh pit. :) She was so precious! I am enjoying your CD. Listened to Love and Laundry today while cleaning. My son informed me this morning that since I had today kid free I needed to come home and clean. haha

Thank you so much for sharing yourselves and your beautiful music with us! We appreciate your support of Hope Pregnancy Center and the Mom2Mom program! I think a great time was had by all!

Thank you so much for coming down to Clarksville you all were so amazing! I had such a great time and I am super excited to try the recipes from your cookbook!!! Keep walking in your blessings!

Terri Harding

Thank you lovely ladies and gent, Dana for coming out to Clarksville and spending your afternoon with us. We all enjoyed you sharing your sweet sweet spirit and wonderfuls talents. I invited my mother and my 12 yr old step daughter to lunch before hand and to this mother/daughter tea. I didn't really know what to except but this was a wonderful experenice and memory. My 60yr old mother really enjoyed your music and your presence. She said I really like those girls they are like friends so nice. My 12yr old thinks she is going on 17, and thinks that her dad and myself or just old and not cool. I have never thought myself to be old I am 33yrs old but her and her friends think i am 23 which is funny that kids think that is old. haha. Her dad asked if I was going to ASK her if she wanted to go. I said no I am going to tell her we are going because I know she will say she would rather play with her friends then go to here a christian group. After you exited the stage and we started getting up she told me she didn't think she would like the type of music or coming to the tea but she did. I just smiled so big inside and was jumping up and down in my mind thinking, Yea I knew you would. I just hugged her and told her I appreaciated her coming with me and I'm glad she enjoyed it. She said she really liked the music and had a really good time. I see us in the picture and we all had a great time. Thank you so much.

Thank you so much for sharing your sweet selves with us!!
The three of you have such a beautiful gift!! I have enjoyed you over the years, it was such a great honor to be able to meet you!!

In His Love,


She is TOO cute, Shelley!!! I can see you are a proud mommy!!! :D That's cute too!

Thanks for sharing!!

May God bless ya this week!
From Brazil, Karen

I'm one of the Clarksville ladies... we had such a great time with you girls on Saturday! Thanks for taking time to come encourage mothers & daughters here in our fair city, and for lending your considerable talents to the cause of Life through Hope Pregnancy Center. We were honored to host you, and everyone I talk to had an amazing time. Thanks for posting our photos!!!


There I am! ha weren't kidding either. There was a mosh pit about to happen! It was crazy up in there! lol

I was one of the women who got to enjoy the wonderful performance from Point of Grace. You all were so gracious to come to Clarksville and sing for our tea and spend the day with us. I work at Hope Pregnancy Center and it is so wonderful to see God at work daily here. These women truly have a heart for God!! WE APPRECIATE POG!!! Love in Christ, Pamella Dill