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Shelley Says...

on August 31, 2011

Last Saturday morning I took a little trip by myself to the Farmer's Market. I couldn't convince anyone to go with me, even with the promise of a Krispy Kreme visit on the way home.
(Went anyway cause we all know I was the one that really wanted them in the first place.) I always, always, always buy way more than my family of 3 plus dog could ever consume. I just get so excited when I see all those fruits and vegetables sitting out and looking pretty that I can't help myself.

Anyway, I love sweet corn in the summer so much, so of course I bought a huge bag. I told the lady taking my money that most likely half of it would end up in the trash...such a crime. Then she said something that is my mother's answer to pretty much everything in life..."Why don't you just freeze it?" I have a little issue with freezing. I just feel like you can always tell that whatever you are eating was once frozen. The lady swore the corn "froze up real good."

So yesterday, I tried to remember exactly how she told me to "put it up". I think it's actually gonna be good. And hopefully, in a few months when it's cold outside, I will pull out a bag, heat it up, and think of summer.

In case you have an over abundance like me, here's how ya do it...

Shuck that corn. I had seven ears left. Get all the pesky white hairs off. No one wants to see those.

Cut it off the husk. (See my Nespresso machine in the background. 8th wonder of the world.)

Put the kernels in a frying pan with a hunk of butter. Hunk = 2 tbsp. or Ryan Gosling

Add a couple pinches of kosher salt, some fresh ground pepper, and about a half tablespoon of sugar.

Saute' the corn for about 10 minutes over medium high heat until it's crisp cooked.

Then, take a tablespoon of flour...

You like my awesome Young Chef's Academy measuring spoon?? Thanks.

and add about 1/3 cup of milk to it. (Or half and half if you're smart) Mix it together with a fork and add it to the corn.

Looky there...

Continue cooking for another 5 minutes or so. It will become KINDA like a cream corn, but not soupy at all. Just complete goodness.

Cool it off, and baggie it up...

Then just freeze 'em like the lady said. Reheat over medium low heat and pray it doesn't taste frost bit...that's what I'm gonna do.

I'll let ya know...

Later gators,

PS I know this looked like a super poor attempt at copying a Pioneer Women blog post. I don't care.


It's me, Julie D. from Nebraska. Love your blogs! I gotta say AMEN to your comment about Hunk = Ryan Gosling....he is definitely that and more. God sure did a great job when He put him all together!! :)

Even in the seriousness of freezinig corn on the cob, you make me laugh! mmm mmm it'll be tasty!

Thanks for sharing this corn recipe. I am the designated cream corn maker at Thanksgiving and I believe using this fresh recipe will be the bomb.