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Shower of Blessings

on October 03, 2012

I mentioned in my last blog I would have two parts - here is the second part. My visit to Belton was two fold - To see Brody's football game, and fellowship with friends and family for a local baby shower!! So many highlights: I will let my pictures speak louder than words. The theme of the Belton shower was "Toy Story" (Since the baby's name is Andy, Darby's idea was to do his nursery with the "Toy Story" theme in mind). WE loved the idea so much my hostesses ( Mom, Dana, Reide, Aunt Lark, Aunt Wren - not in picture, Cindy, and Aunt Billie Jo) used it for the theme of the shower too. The rest of the pictures celebrate some family, friends and great prizes for Andy. Take a look!! (p.s. - before the shower got started, Brody came in from a morning of hunting duck, I think. He looks so profess in his camo!)

Great friends and family give FABULOUS gifts. This apple with a worm inside was one of my favorites!!! Thanks Mildred!!! My Aunt Billie Jo knitted this hat for Andy, how sweet!!! Cousin Tracy and Katy came - they are responsible for the Ivester reunion every year in August. I promised them I would be there next year - since it is now INSIDE with AC - AMEN!!!

Cousin Suzanne gave me the Nemo bath towel hoodie - I loved the story behind why - her son Taylor (my cousin) is quite the baseball pitcher but he was born with one arm shorter than the other just like Nemo with his fin. Is that not the best story ever? And now overtime I wrap Andy up in that towel I will think of that and be reminded - our children (when encouraged) can accomplish anything they put their mind too. Thanks Suzanne!! One of my sorority sister gave Andy his first cape and mask and yellow Tonka truck. You can tell the Mom's of boys know the perfect gift... Cousin Cookie and Kathie and my best friend from kindergarten, Kris and her two beautiful daughters, it was a treat to see each one.

Great friend Lucretia and her Mom and daughters, sorority sisters from Charleston Southern, cousin Avari, my beautiful niece Bryant, and my sissy's, Dana and Reide...xoxo!!!

Thanks to my wonderful family for showering me beyond my imagination!!! My sister's, Aunt Lark, Mom and bff Cindy made me feel so special - The hostess' with the most!!! The last picture is cousin Kim. Her son Will is a huge POG fan and I loved catching up with her!

I pray you receive "shower's of God's goodness" on you today!!! God always wants to lavish on us!!! Sincerely, Leigh