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Spirit Week

on October 07, 2011

This is spirit week!! Each year we have a fund raiser to help aid in specific needs for our school. It is called "Hoot Scoot and Boogie" ( a clever name for a Nashville suburban school with an Owl as its' mascot - get it?)...Each day the kids dress up with a specific theme in mind. Today was "Sports" day. Here in the Cappillino home, we do love our Titans and Preds BUT "for me and my house, we will cheer for the Yankees" (even though they lost last night to Detroit). Take a look at my little Yankee...

I wanted to show you a few of the fund raiser baskets. We have a silent auction tonight and I always love to see how creative people are... crafty people inspire me!!! Here are a few.

Speaking of inspiring... we were returning a few weeks ago from our Minneapolis GOG...we met and heard one of the most inspirational stories ever in the airport. We were sitting down at Starbucks and here comes this precious dog walking on her back two legs with an adorable military jacket custom made for her body. The dog proceeded to lay down very close to us while the owner went in line to order. I told the girls we have to find out this dogs' story. Dana, my husband says to us, "I just saw that dog on T.V"...

Come to find out this dog is quite famous (one of Oprah's favorite guests'). Her name is Faith. The owner told us Faith was born with only her back legs. Her son gave Faith to them as a gift when she was a puppy. She is a certified registered military dog - a therapy lap dog. Faith sits in the laps of soldiers and allows the soldier to pet her. Unconsciously, the soldier tends to relax, thus being able to talk more openly allowing much needed counseling. I LOVE THAT!!! What God can do with anything or anyone - miraculous!!!

I can't explain to you the reaction Denise and I had while watching this precious animal lie down and then get back up - completely full of humility and grace!!! Faith demonstrates that you don't have to LOOK perfect to have a purpose!!

Here is a picture of Denise and Faith, the other is Faith and her "Mommy".

Check out this link. Your kids will LOVE watching it - absolutely amazing in all aspects!

So be on the lookout - God can use whatever He chooses to lift our spirits!!

Many blessings, Leigh Cappillino


Aww, I love this story! I did my high school senior project on animal therapy! It is so awesome how much it helps people to just have an animal with them! Whether it be a dog, or a cat, or even a rooster. Yes, I said a rooster. lol There was case I read about where a farmer needed some therapy and his rooster made him feel better. lol. It is so amazing how God's love is spread through all of his creatures! Not just humans.

"Faith demonstrates that you don't have to LOOK perfect to have a purpose!!" - Wow! Great thought!!

Again, thanks for sharing!!
Blessings from Brazil,