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Sports Mom

on June 13, 2012


I'm writing this while sitting in a small Mexican food Restaurant in Jefferson city. I brought Spence here for a TN All Star football game. They practice at Carson Newman Univ. it reminds me a little of Ouachita Baptist where Shelley and I went to College. Once you drop off your son they do their own thing. Spence has been thinking about this game for 2 months. They get to play in Louisville, ky on Sat. It's TN vs KY. I can't stand not knowing what's happening at practice, so I'm staying til tonight's full pad practice. I have no where to go all afternoon, so I came in here to eat and get out of the heat. I guess my next stop will be Walmart and Big Lots:).

This is the job of a Sports Mom and i wouldn't change it for anything. I will head back tonight.

Last night Spence and I hung in our hotel room and watched the Thunder vs Heat. What an intense game! Thunder fans are awesome and the players are even better. It's going to be quite a series I think.

Well that's what I'm doing today. Maybe I'll see if there is a movie theater around here. Have a great day Denise