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Spring Is Here

on April 08, 2013

Good morning!! It finally feels like Spring. Thank you Lord!!!! We've enjoyed a weekend of warm weather. I have needed it so much. There have been a lot of things that have gone on since I last blogged. Spring break, the start of baseball season, track season, Easter, the Opry. Not sure where to start.

Spring Break. We went to Florida. Although while we were there it didn't feel much like Florida. We had a good time with friends. I spent my birthday there which is always fun. There were tons of people from the boy's school and they loved hanging out. I enjoyed being under a blanket in the condo reading a book:)

Easter - We came back to spend Easter weekend at home. It was a great one, even though it was rather cold that weekend as well. On Saturday we did our traditional trip to my friend Kelley's Mom's farm. I love this day so much. We spend time sharing the true meaning of Easter with friends and family.

This is Kelley and I. I love her so much. She prays for me about anything I need her to and I do the same for her. I'm so grateful for her in my life.

At the end of the day we always take a picture by the cross of our family. This year, my family was the four of us plus my niece Melodie and our sweet and dear friend Alex. We were so glad they were able to join us this year.

So Easter Sunday was one of the first times that I have actually hosted Easter lunch at my house. I was a little stressed, but it actually turned out wonderful. The Cappillino's joined us along with some of our other dear friends. We had LOTS of food and I was thrilled that nothing burned. We only had one hiccup. My niece was walking out of her condo carrying the deviled eggs at the same time her roommate was coming in. One of them tripped and the eggs ended up in the bushes. Oh well

We ended the awesome meal with an Easter game instead of a hunt. The Cappillino's were in charge of this part of the day. We had 3 teams. Pink, Yellow, and Green (with mascots)



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