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I always thought that the song is deeper when there is a story behind. At that point it makes much more sense. That is what I write about at

I am James, and a Man of God back since 1981, and would like to travel with Point of Grace telling all who listen to them how it is to be who God has given us to be when he Knew who we were going to be when He formed us back in the womb! Listen I am the Number 1 Point of Grace fan in the World and have them in my heart, daily. And if you heard me sing, you might think I was Astro, because my daughter thinks I sound like a dog when I sing, but I do it to praise the LORD God Almighty, and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. My youngest son is in college now and has given his life to music ministry to hopefully become a music minister of a church. In all you do Ladies keep Praising our LORD, Amen!

What a testimony here!
Grant has wrote the great PoG sucess "The Great Divide", and a lot of another PoG, and Avalon (another one that I like) songs.
Well, I'm only a son, but my heart is filled with joy to know that my parents believe in me, and it really makes a world of difference.
Draw or win or lose, whatever road I choose, they believe in me...
And it motivate us to want be like that, when we get parenthood.

Thank God for Grant life, thank God for PoG, and thank God for my parents.

Denise's story about the song, "I Believe in You," reminded me of a similar experience my wife and I had with our son, Grant Cunningham. He graduated from Baylor in 1987 with a business degree. But as he said later, "I've loved music all my life." After a year working with his dad in the investment business, Grant left to go on the road with a Christian pop group called Harbor. He loved it, although it was hard work. But he never looked back. He ended up as Director of A&R at Sparrow Records. In 1996 he wrote the lyrics for "The Great Divide," recorded by Point of Grace. It was a Dove Award winner. If we hadn't lost Grant in a soccer accident in the summer of 2002, I am convinced he would have written a second Dove-award winning song, and most likely recorded by Point of Grace.