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Story Behind The Song: Only Jesus


I can't wait to hear your new song. Watching you walk through this peaceful town and listening to what you had to say has really come at the right time. I am at my witts end. After being married 24 yrs and always feeling rotten just for being alive wondering how Jesus can even love me anymore, you reminded me that he does. I love you guys. Thank you for your beautiful music and words of encouragement. June


My heart goes out to you. It sounds like you are suffering depression or in the least frustration (you say married 24 years and are at your wits end). You are not alone - this can happen even after 60 years of marriage. If I may, please find comfort in the truth that you are a special child of God, uniquely knit together in your mother's womb, gifted with unique gifts and abilities, loved completely and unconditionally just the way you are. A wonder of our existence is that we are all imperfect, yet God loves us, died for us when we least deserved it, and He walks with us every moment in this life as we learn to love, honor, trust, and serve Him. I pray that you will find means to give your burdens to the Lord - to rest in His peace. May you experience the light of His truth 'that shines out of the darkness' - the truth of His love that is written in our hearts - spoken to us in miraculous ways. And may you discover the wonders, joys, and abundance in life that God desires you to know. Amen.