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I really love this song, because it hints that Jesus is available to anyone, no matter how sinful we are. On the other hand, once you are cleansed at times we will fall, but the Bible encourages us to consider ourselves dead to sin, and count ourselves righteous before God, and that is only because of His righteousness. Yet time and time again in this day and age, I began hearing more and more christians emphasising that "we don't have to be perfect" and that goes against what God said, "Be Holy as I am holy". This notion that we don't have to be perfect takes away any good guilt from a person, and thus is removing their conviction that the Holy Spirit is trying to bring. God wants to use the contrast of His Holyness and the sinfulness of the sinner to bring about a conviction in the sinner to see their need for God. Sometimes we as Christians can water down that conviction and say, "You don't have to be holy", thus stalling a true repentance in a sinner who hears the word. Instead of saying "we are not perfect, or you don't have to be perfect.." what we really mean and should say is, there's nothing too hard for God to forgive, and you can come to Him as you are! We too were once in darkness." God really wants us to raise the bar when it comes to seeing the holiness of God and our helpnessness that would drive us to run to the Savior!