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I love your beautiful voices, awesome Godly lyrics, wonderful songs ( I thank God for girls of grace.

This one is lovely. I was writing a review on this story at . I really like what you do.

Vocês tem que colocar videos com tradução para o Português Brasileiro , pois seus fãs internacionais , também querem entender , :(

I appreciated the transparency in your message, Leigh. It was good to hear how God is challenging you. My encouragement to you is to not feel that the answer to that challenge is always in the volunteering for something or jumping up to go on that missions trip.

Really at the heart of the message of that song, I felt, was that the opportunities to love those going through incredibly tough times are all around us. They are our neighbors who have never been cared for in such meaningful ways as Christ has called us to care. That can mean being the impromptu host of the s'mores night, or letting our neighbor know that we actually prayed for something that they mentioned to us the other day. It can mean that by truly caring in the little things, they come to us with the big things as well, such as the loss of a baby or divorce, cancer, or any number of things. Those don't need the band-aid of "God's got a plan. You can trust Him." They need a true friend that will pray and cry with them. A friend that will actually be there with them through those difficult times.

It's being ready and available to love even when we don't have that love; knowing that God gives it when we don't have it. I lead a ministry, and know that your travel schedule makes it difficult to sometimes go deep with many people. For me, the people I am pouring my life into are my family, a handful of neighbors and those serving in our ministry. Don't discount those believers who need this kind of love too. The best blessing is that I find I receive so much back in return.

Thanks again for sharing, and to sum it up, don't discount the little moments.

Your fan in Seattle,

I like your song You be the one. I help my dad out with the youth group at our church. Our church's name is Bethel Baptist, so I guess you would say our motto is Be the one. But he does it like this Be-the-1. He always encourages the youth to Be-the-1 to stand up and answer the call. To be the only Jesus some will ever see. I am going to have to play this song for him. But I love all of y'alls songs. When I was in the youth group I saw y'all one year at YEC! Loved it!!

i loved this song when i first heard it, but now i want to be the one, especially after watching the suffering of those affected by the hurricane. i hope all pog fans become inspired to do wahatever youcan to help
karen from tampa

Beautiful message on my birthday! I can totally relate. I pray that I will be convicted this new year and live for Christ. Thank you!