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Summer Activities

on July 04, 2011

Summer is here and you don’t want your kids sitting around in front of the TV all day every day. So here are a few of POG’s suggestions for getting them up and out of the house for some fun and inexpensive entertainment. Please share other activities that you like to do.

Outdoor Fun: There are so many different activities that you can do outside that don’t cost much to do.

Who doesn’t enjoy bubbles? Now they have colored bubbles that are so awesome and also washable so you don’t have to worry about ruining any clothes. 

You can also make your own colored bubbles!

Some other great outdoor ideas are sidewalk chalk. Your kids can use their imagination and even create their own games.

Next could be homemade slip and slide out of a tarp, plastic table covers, or trash bags and liquid soap. Here are some directions you can follow or you can probably figure it pretty easy on your own.