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Summer, Football, and Approval

on July 17, 2012

Happy Tuesday!

I'm sitting in my car while Spence is doing some Math tutoring listening to Scott Krippayne sing "Go Tell It On The Mountain". Lol. My iPod is on shuffle. But seriously he sounds so good on that song that it should be year round!

We are finally home for the rest of the summer. I'm glad. Although I thought my days would be slower than they are but that's ok.

Super excited about tonight and a little nervous. Spence will have his first scrimmage as a high school football player. Ahhh!!! Not that he will probably play much, but just the fact that he is out there with highschoolers.

Okay, so this Sunday our church's sermon was a little different from the usual. Most of the sermon was an actual skit. I found myself so often just like this woman. I know I know I know that Jesus paid the penalty for my sin, but I still find myself working and working for God's approval. Whether its through my kids or my own performance I try to look and be my best. (like he's going to love me more because of it.) If you have 30 minutes to sit and watch this, I highly recommend it. Go to Then go to teaching series on Luke and watch this past weekend. I promise it will bless you.

Whatever you do today, I hope you know you are loved.


Just getting caught up on POG and saw your comment about Scott and the Christmas CD. So funny! Hope all is well. We're excited to go cruising with you in February! xoxo, Katy K