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Summer Surprises...

on June 07, 2012

I had mentioned many, many blogs ago the Cappillino's were getting a puppy. Her name was Cocoa. A week before we were to pick her up, Cocoa got very sick with Parvo and passed away. Our family mourned for quite awhile (especially Darby) over Cocoa... We were so disappointed and found it extremely difficult to understand. We asked ourselves should we pursue trying to find another puppy or just let it go? And after much time passing and family discussion, we began looking again for another puppy and found Holly Etta.

She was just 30 miles down the road from us and once we met her, we were hooked!!! She is a December baby just like Darby. Her breeder named her Etta but Darby wanted her to have a Christmas sounding name... thus HOLLY Etta! Holly is a precious puppy and feels our home with such energy and frolic... we are settling in very nicely with potty training and chewing on HER toys, not my furniture. And Darby is a fantastic Mom to Holly!!! Dana and I are having a blast with her too!! Here is a glimpse of Holly Etta trying to unfold her brand new bed mat for her crate. I don't think she likes the "bump" around it, she wants to be able to unfold or have it lay flat. Take a look at our sweet new puppy.

Would you believe the day we brought Holly Etta home we also found out about another summer surprise coming soon? Some of you may already know but incase you don't, the Cappillino's will be having a baby in November. YEP!!! A baby!!! Craaaazzzeee right? We are still in shock, however the shock is wearing off due to my tummy growing sooooo VERY large. Darby had a tough time in the beginning but now has found ownership knowing this will be HER brother or sister, not just MY baby.

We find out in two weeks if we are having a boy or girl... I will keep you posted...I can't wait!!!

God is teaching me so many things right now but mostly to trust the Lord with ALL of MY heart and lean not on my own understanding (which can frighten me deeply) and in all my ways acknowledge Him and He will make my paths straight Prov. 3:4-5. I am finding this exercise is bringing me much relief.

I hope you will enjoy all the summer surprises that will be coming your close attention - they show up in all different types of packages.

blessings, leigh


That video is funny, thanks for sharing. I hope everything goes well for you and your family. Do not worry, she will get used to the new baby and will be a little mother to her. God bless you. Love Beth

I'm soo happy for you and your family Leigh!!!
This blog post brought me much joy....and the last sentence, so true!
Hoping you post a tummy pic soon :)
xo Alexa

Yay for puppy and baby! Congrats on both new additions :)