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Summer "Survivor" With Leigh

on July 06, 2011

Back from vacation as well as our big 4th of July celebration... and what a time it was... THE YELLOW TEAM WON!!!! LOOK WHO WAS ON THAT TEAM... Feels so great to be a winner!!!


That’s right - the Cappillino girls, Mark, Brody and Mary Alice! We had three teams of 5 - Yellow team 1st place, Purple team 2nd place and Blue team LOOZZZER!  

Yellow team won the first challenge on the beach.  We had to fill our bucket up using a  sponge - running back and forth to the ocean as fast as we could!  We had youth, speed and determination.    This is the victory stance as well as  the other team participants. 


(I am taking the picture).  Darby was thrilled, can you tell?    We got immunity and we were free from extinction at Tribal counsel.   Next challenge was the ole’ scavenger hunt.  Each team had to find a item in a category (ex: find something you would send or receive in the mail) but if the object from the teams were the same they canceled each other out.   It was sooooooooooooooo much fun and the more creative you were the better chance you had against your opponent having that item.     AGAIN - yellow team took first place!!!!  

The 3rd challenge was the FOOD challenge - this was a victory hands down… BUT NOT!   We lost!   Even after eating Seaweed, Baby food, Horseradish, Buttermilk, Sardines, Smoked Oysters, a whole Scallion  onion (this is where my sister threw in the “beach towel”) and even m&m’s - we took the lead for a very short time. Yellow and Purple were tied and the tie breaker did us in…The Purple came back and beat us in the popsicle race.  You should try it… it was more difficult than I thought - brain freeze and gagging slowed us Yellow Team down.   Purple Won and Yellow and Blue went to Tribal counsel.  Brody lost his hat in the Tribal vote.  (We voted off a “luxury” item instead of people - so brilliant… my item was my morning 5 cups of coffee.  One item per Tribal counsel).  


So far we are in the lead but the final day is DOUBLE points.   The 4th challenge was a layered puzzle of  items and fastest time wins.   This was a HOOT!!!!   My Aunt Wren is sooooooooooooo creative…  It went like this:  (the key was following directions to a T!!!).

1. Find names of celebrities with the letters - GARDEN CITY. 

2. Unwrap many taped boxes to get to a ‘Toy Story”  puzzle with one missing piece

3. Each team member dress up in the Hawaiian attire and say “ Aloha”.

4. Run to mail box and unwrap the last set of instructions - sing  the whole song of  “God Bless America” while holding the American flag  - AND  you had to sing with ENTHUSIASM!   

Yellow came in second BUT since we got dlb. points we WON OVER ALL!!!    I encourage you and your friends to give this a try.   

Our family had a blast and hopefully our kids will remember this is “How You Live”  that makes life so precious -   LAUGHING,  LAUGHING AND MORE LAUGHING.!!!

GREAT MEMORIES!!     We tried our hand at catching crab with Daddy too.    Take a look a what we caught!

My Sister also took us “ghost crabbing”   … I don’t have a picture of that instead a video ( I don’t’ know how to do that).     THAT WAS SO FUN TOO!!!   My husband screamed like a girl… lol!!!

I end with, make the most of the rest of the summer with family and friends no matter what you are trying to “survive”!!!

Blessing, leigh