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"Summer Survivor" Part II - By Leigh

on July 13, 2011

Since my last blog was a bit lengthy, I will keep this one to a decent size. Actually, since my last blog I was able to get some help regarding the Ghost Crabbing video I didn't know how to attach. I am going to try ( with the help of our very smart staff and husband) . . . Enjoy!!

Are you like me - TOO HOT TO THINK?

Try some or all of these suggestions... if you are like me and your brain is seriously "over heated":

1. Wash your hair really good, leave conditioner in for an hour or so and then rise again in cool water. Don't blow dry, let it dry naturally.
2. Clean out the Fridge AND Freezer. (You know you need to anyway).
3. Get the kids and put bathing suits on (or not) and wash the car at Sunset. They will never forget it!
4. Have a popsicle race - And the winner doesn't have to BLANK... ( you fill in the blank).
5. Freeze a wet beach towel and use it instead of your comforter. Night, night!!

We love hearing from ya, thanks for staying in touch!

Until we "heat" again, leigh cappillino