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Terrific Tuesday

on May 22, 2012

A week of FUN - Field Day events, Games and Academic Awards to boot!! Last week started the count down to summer and each day was filled with so much activity. I don't know how people do it with more than one kid? How can you be in two places at one time?

Along with the field day activities, Darby's class studied the Olympics and all of it's traditions. They dressed in toga's and had an Olympic ceremony. Here are some of the field day and Olympic highlights. (sorry to bore you...I just thought it was so fantastic!).

This picture is the wonderful 3rd grade teachers!!! WE LOVE YOU LADIES!!!


Darby is balancing her egg on a spoon. GO DARB'S GO!!!

Our kids are so extremely blessed!!! Darby is aware and is very grateful for her wonderful teacher, Mrs. Yarber and the rest of the teaching staff!!!

Last but not least, today was Terrific Tuesday also known as the award ceremony. Darby received the Academic Award for straight A's!!! I can't believe MY kid had straight A's... she gets her brain from her Dad and her athletic skills from her Moma. (Hee hew)

So sad to see this year come to an end but a GRAND end it is... We could not be more proud of our little girl and consider being her parents a pure JOY and DELIGHT!!!

It is "Terrific Tuesday's" like this one, we thank God for all the 1000 little things He has blessed our family with!!!

I certainly hope each of you have a VERY safe summer and enjoy the 1000 little things God puts in your pathway!!

blessings, leigh


Good Call on the Field Day events Leigh.

Sincerely, Joseph