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Thanks and more...

on November 12, 2012

We had a wonderful time in Greenville/Spartanburg, S.C. at our last GOG conference for 2012!!! I was so grateful to have been able to make it... I got to see so many friends and family...from cousins, to sister, to parents, to bff, to school buddies... I LOVED SEEING THEM ALL!!!

My sister Reide brought my niece Bryant along with two of Bryant's friends. The girls seemed to really enjoy the day - especially Britt Nicole, Rush of Fools and Chris Wheeler... and those were just a few of the highlights... Here is a pic of the girls. Bryant is the tall blond with the cinnamon top on. These girls were so sweet and beautiful too!

And speaking of friends and family, we are getting so close to that time where we will be celebrating those people in our lives around the Thanksgiving table. Our family is looking and hoping to have our new addition around the table this year. Any day now - we are waiting for Andy's arrival!

Each year we celebrate new things to be grateful for and for the Capp's what a year of celebration!!! 20 years of marriage and a new baby boy on the way! THANK YOU LORD!!! YOUR FAITHFULNESS AND STRENGTH IS ONE THING THAT WE HAVE COVETED THIS YEAR!!!

As I type this blog my fingers suffer from numbness due to my swelling... I know many women understand my pain. So with that thought I conclude to you all a VERY HAPPY THANKSGIVING and a BLESSED week ahead!!!

Stay posted in regards to Andy - we will let you all know asap of his arrival! "Help me Jesus!"
love, leigh


You are in my prayers Leigh. I love you, may God give you a fast safe birth. God bless you