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These Are The "Days of Our Lives"

on November 01, 2011

We had a great weekend out on the road. It's not just business... when time allows, it's so much more. Take a sneak peek.

Thursday evening we drove to Meridian, Ms. We were playing at the Riley Center Theatre. It was soooooooooooooooooooo beautiful!!!

As you know, Denise is our trainer out on the road... our workout is so necessary because of our lack of self-control at the dinner table. Denise is getting all of our workout toys ready... I remember toys use to be fun to play with - not these! Time for sweatin'!

With our Christmas tour just around the corner, we have to take advantage of every opportunity to prepare and practice our music. Our sweet drummer (who also plays piano) helped Denise and I practice, while Shelley and Michael (our piano player) went to lunch with Michael's family - this was Michael's birthday weekend (lucky duck).

We want to thank Bill and the fine folks at the Riley Center who were so accommodating - nothing but southern hospitality!!! We couldn't get over how wonderful the audience was... we wanted to take their picture AND again show you how beautiful this theater truly is (the spotlights makes it a little blurry).

While POG was in Meridian, Darby (my daughter) was on a field trip (with her 3rd grade class) to the Tenn. State Museum. She and her friend Abby enjoyed learning the history of Tenn.

Saturday we were in Birmingham, Al. for a GOG conference. What a great bunch of girls! A HUGE thanks to all the Moms and Chaperones that brought these young ladies. After the conference we get a chance to meet some of the girls and hear their comments. We just LOVE meeting them!!

After our GOG event it was time to celebrate Michael's official birthday. So on the way back home to Nashville we had his party on the bus. I was in charge of the cheese tray and fruit. We had some of the most unique cheeses ever! Everyone's favorite was the French (I can't spell or pronounce it) cheese with a fig jam spread - DELICIOUS!! Denise made the meatballs and Shelley did a spinach artichoke dip. Shelley also had Dara (a great friend) make Michael's cake - from SCRATCH!

It was a chocolate cake with chocolate mouse between each layer. Can I get an "AMEN"? (My mouth is watering just thinking about it again). Thank you Dara and thank you Michael for letting us celebrate such a wonderful day with such a special person. GOOD TIMES and more pounds packed on before Christmas. ( I told you how important is was for us to work out on the road).

We sang Happy Birthday to Michael, shared some memories of the past, laughed a little, cried a little and ate A LOT!!!

These are the "Days of our Lives" so make each one count with those you love!!!

Now it is time for Darby to come home from school - it is almost time to trick or treat! Stay tuned for those pictures.

blessings, leigh


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Wow, this cake looks glorious!!! Yummy....

Thanks for sharing! What a blessing to work doing what you love, with people you love, spreading the Christ's love!!!

Have a great week!
Brazilian hugs,

POG, thanks so much for coming to Meridian. My wife and I were blessed, encouraged, and inspired by your ministry. We will see you again for certain. Blessings to you all.
Danny & Linda P.