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A Thousand Little Things: Shelley, Leigh & Denise Talk About The New Album


I am so blessed, you've touched my lives through your music for many years. When I'm down, it's your cd's that pick me up. And now little boy also, loves your music as well. Thanxs so much for the many blessings you've lifted me up through his holy name. May he Bless you in his wonderful grace always. Looking forward to your next CD.

Hellow, Ladies! Just wanted to say how much I've been enjoying your albums. I recently bought 4 of them, and have the 1,000 LT one on pre-order. (Can't Wait!) I've been listening to the 24 album & your Christmas ones for years-- finally decided to see what else was available. Even though I'm single, I love the "Love & Laundry" song and the "I Wish" song!! I have so many friends who are married and really ID with that; also the 3-ring circus song. I love that your songs speak to people in such a real way, understanding the hard times, but never giving up... And always turning to God (or back to God) when necessary. (For me, I've learned that if I don't stay really close to Him, I make terrible mistakes, both with people, and circumstances.) Like the saying goes, "If God seems far away, guess who moved?" Yeah. BTDT!! Thanks for the chance to "sit in with y'all" in (Shelly's?) kitchen!! LOVED IT!! Wow, I did not realize y'all have been at this for 20 years (plus?) You must be good time managers, if you all have families, and your families must be SO supportive! BTW, I saw y'all YEARS ago on the "Saturday Early Show" on CBS (in the Nineties), when there were 4 of you. It may have been when you were starting out. (?)
I saw on your tour schedule that you'll be in Fayetteville, AR on Oct. 5th. I live in NE OK, and am going to try to talk a friend into going to the concert (b/c I can't drive due to impaired vision). I SO would love to hear y'all in concert, and that's not too awfully far. So, I'm going to start praying for a way!! Even though you change out singers now and then, your harmonies are always spot-on, no matter who of you are doing it. You gals are even a step above Wilson-Phillips!! Anyway, I know God will continue to BLESS each of you, as you glorify Him in song! TTFN & I'm reserving a Giant Hug for each of you when we meet in Heaven someday!! love ya, Valerie Ann Moore/ Muskogee, OK

What a sweet encouraging video to remind of God's goodness. How easy it is to be distracted and forget all the lil' things! THANKS POG! C. Capp.. - Poughkeepsie

I am thankful for your many records and the newest one the most. they have been good for destressing on my way home from work. They have helped me focus on God's goodness wherever I go with a CD of yours in my car. I can prasie the Lord better in every situation with your help in music. Thank you so much.

Hi S, D, and L....Julie, from Lincoln, NE....Thanks Girls again, for sharing your hearts. I can't wait to get the new CD!! :)

Oops. Lyrics from

Some lyrics for a new song

I choose us
When did divorce become the only wy out
It hurts me so bad I want to scream and shout
We have to fight for it have to get back
To where we used to be before this attack

Remember the love we had  just you and me
Have to find our way to where we use to be
I could just end it now decide not to forgive
But that's not what I want to do  I'd rather live

Oh baby fight for it search your mind you know all that we had
We had a truthful love and it was not bad
Oh come on and fight for it fight for it reach down iside
Pull out those memories don't let them hide

This was a weak time for you not who you are
I can see that now you are my star
I had some weakness too I wasn't available to you
But I'm hear now no matter what you do

I choose to fight for this now it's worth who we are
To use every power in us  to take our love far
I want the fairy tale ending  it is a must
Cause I choose us.

You are my best friend
I never want us to end
We will grow old together
No matter what the weather

We are worth fighting for


I saw you in Medinah, IL. Love everything you do...(even songs by Shelley...(gotcha!)...(Just kidding). Quick note: the dulcimer really adds a nice sound to your voices. It adds a lot of harmonic overtones that blend nicely with your natural frequences. The percussion effects and the musicians (and of course, Dana, too) make the foundations of your songs sound so tight.

Greg Gruenwald, Schaumburg, IL