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Time with Mom and Dad - Priceless!!!

on August 09, 2011

My Mom and Dad just left to head back to my hometown of Belton. I realize how blessed I am to even being saying those words... The older I get the more I treasure EVERYTHING with my parents!! We had many memories and a darling time. Here were some of my highlights:

At the beginning of summer our family wrote down things we hoped to accomplish. One on my list was buying an ice-cream churn and learning how to make homemade ice-cream like I remember as a kid. I couldn't think of any better teachers than Mom and Dad. Finding the 6 qt. churn (in my price range) was quite a challenge... After much internet and store hopping we found it! - Thanks Ace Hardware (who would have ever thunk it?).

I made chocolate (of course) and Mom and Dad made peach. The peaches were fresh and juicy delicious!! We had several wonderful friends over to "help" us eat it up! Great conversation and wonderful fellowship accompanied each bite. One might say - they were the special toppings.

Another thing I enjoy is puzzles. Mom, Darby and myself pick out a really colorful and fun puzzle. 550 pieces to be exact. Those things are sooooooooooooooooooo addictive. We lost Darby about 1/4 way through but then Mom and I gotter done - 24 hrs. later. Cheap and soooooooooooooo much fun!!!!!

Dana took over the "tour guide" responsibilities and off to downtown Nashville we went. Unfortunately, the Tenn. Museum was closed on Mon. but that didn't stop our adventure at all. A dinning experience at Margaretville was our lunch stop - surprisingly delicious!!! I would highly recommend that to visitors and residents. Darby and her friend Meg entertained us with a little Taylor Swift on the Grand Ole Opry mic.

Perfect ending to our weekend was movie night with Peggy, Deirdre and Mom watching "Kings Speech". Nothing better than some Colin Firth, leftover ice-cream (which is even better the third time and popcorn! I love the unexpected - after the movie was over we decided to begin discussing the book of Revelation. What?...Yep, Revelation. I love hearing my Mom talk about the Bible. She has been a S.S teacher for over 40 years and to listen and learn from her insight is extremely impressive! I love my Mom but I am sooooooooooooooooooooo richly blessed by the fact she lives a beautiful life loving Jesus with her whole heart and soul. I went to bed challenged... I wonder if my little girl will say those words about me?

Living a beautiful Godly life - PRICELESS!!!

Have a wonderful week and enjoy the unexpected detours of God! Leigh


My parents enjoy working puzzles and they have to one you did. I love spending time with my parents especially my mom and we want to start a study on Revelations too. I think it is the coolest book in the Bible because you find out what to expect at the end time.

Dear Leigh,
Just want to encourage you to enjoy EVERY precious moment with your folks!! I'll bet that time you spent together was also very precious to them, too! I am so blessed to be able to live WITH my folks, who are wonderful, loving and godly people. I've found that as I've grown older, I've really enjoyed getting to know them as adults, and FRIENDS!

Thanks for sharing! Take care & God bless!

- Jenni