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Way more TREATS than TRICKS for us this Halloween...

on November 03, 2011

We had a blast with our friends Jason, Danya, Justin and Noah. Justin was a Whoopie cushion, Noah was Hulk Hogan and Darby was "Sharpie at the prom" from High School Musical. We got started on "Sharpie's" make-up and hair as soon as she got home from school. I was living in a dream - I love playing dress up with my daughter!

We even ran into "Patsy" the mouse while she was handing out candy.

The town police blocked off one of the main streets in Franklin... Dana and I have lived in Franklin over 15 years but had NO IDEA this existed! Each home more extravagant than the next... we followed the yellow brick road and look who we saw.

Thousands and thousands of kids in every type of costume imaginable... This one house turned their garage into a "haunted" fun house. The kids were totally mesmerized. First you had to walk through the mouth of an enormous pumpkin...(I can't imagine the time it took to do all that work). Here are some pics.

The evening was filled with sweet treats but more than that was the treat of seeing people we haven't seen in awhile and recognizing how fantastic it is to live in a little town where we could walk around with our kids, feeling safe. We don't take that for granted!!

Once Darby was able to organize and sort through all of her candy, the evening came to an end. This was not a night for ghosts and goblins but "sweet" memories with dear friends that we will treasure for a lifetime. Thumbs up!!

Happy Harvest everyone, Leigh C.