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This Week On Graceful Living

on October 10, 2012

What are the rules for dating a co-worker?

Shelley, Leigh, and Denise talk about the pros and cons about starting a relationship with someone at work, from having things in common to awkward encounters after a breakup. They eventually decided that as long as the pros outweigh the cons, go for it!

Listen to their conversation about it, and share your view!


I have been through this twice. It did not go well. The first time e had to keep the relationship a secret. One of us wouldhave had to move departments or leave the company. The second time, I found out the Preston I knew from work and the person at home were two different people. While there are always success stories, there are many more that ended badly. If someone wants to date a coworker then they need to be ready for the repercussions of having to work with that person if the relationship ends.