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When the Sun is away, we can still play...

on June 28, 2012

Thanks to my two sister's, vacation doesn't just depend on a sunny day. We had a couple of days in Myrtle Beach, S.C. when we had to be creative indoors. Dana and Reide (my two sisters) are so crafty they were able to save the day.

Reide taught Leila and Darby to sew a scrunchy bag...(who brings two sewing machines's on vacation, my sissy, Reide does). Take a look how cute they are... They have worn them everyday.

Leila is a natural.

I think Darby can help sew some curtains for the baby's room... she has got the knack too.

The finished product!!! So cute!

The next morning was a little chilly to head to the beach so the next craft on the agenda was TIE DYE!!! This is the brilliance of my other sister, Dana.

This can be very addictive...

Thank goodness the Sun is out now... no more crafts left to do.

Too much fun - no matter rain or shine. It is actually VERY sunny right now, so we are off to the beach!!!

blessings, leigh


Aunties, always having something nice for us to do, and having a cousin beside us to do, is better!
Hey, Lee, you have an almost twin sister, haven't? Lol. I remember her from another older posts (she was wearing the PoG "I choose You" shirt), and I always though that. Lol.

See you.

Tiago, Brazil.