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on November 17, 2011

UGGGG! I can't believe it. I didn't get around to calling my Mom yesterday for her BIRTHDAY!!! It hit me in the wee hours of the morning this morning. I had already sent her gift, so I didn't have that as the reminder. Truth is..... I thought about it yesterday morning, but couldn't call because it was too early. Then, we got into our Christmas rehearsals and it was pretty intense because we have a lot of new things to learn, AND I was hosting our Community Group dinner last night. So, I was a little overwhelmed in the kitchen. Time just got away. The sick part is.... What did I JUST write about on Tuesday. Take time in the moments, people matter.... not the to do list!! Oh, how I need Jesus.

My Mom doesn't forget anyone's birthday. I mean really. She even knows when Shelley and Leigh's daughters birthdays are and sends them a card. Of all people!!! Ugh. Okay, I've got to move on. I'll talk to her when she wakes up today. Here's the thing. She's my Mom and she will forgive me. I think one of the biggest things that she has shown me through her example is God's grace. She loves me no matter what. Not that I want to take advantage of that, but I know it's true. I have one of the greatest Mom's in the world!! So M

Tonight we are pretty excited. We are singing at the "lighting of the Christmas tree" at Opryland Hotel. I think it's going to be the perfect night for it. Crisp and Cold:) Then we get to take our kids through the new "Ice" exhitbit out by the hotel.

Here's a pic from last years "Ice" adventure.

I'm sure that we will have lots of pics in the next blog. I do have to show off my mantel and dining table. My friend Kirsten who is ever so creative helped me.

I love creative people because I am not. Thank you for Kirsten for helping me:)

Off to rehearsals at Leigh's house today. Then we will be at Opryland tonight. But first I have to run basketball shoes up to school because one of my beloved children forgot his. I guess I'll be kind today, since I'm hoping my Mom offers me the same grace.

Have a blessed day!


Your mantel reminds me of something my friend does every year. She hangs them like that, but in little groupings around her house (doorway, banister, wall) and they are hung with each ball representing a musical note, so when you're looking at it, it's like a few measures of music. Get it? She posted them on Facebook last year and we had to guess what Christmas song they were. Pretty clever! (I think she even had different colors to represent the time value of each "note") :-) -Beth

Denise, Oh my! So sorry you forgot to call your mom. But you are busy lady...I'm sure she understands! It's hard to keep it all straight some days isn't it? Hope your dinner party went well. The Opryland tree lighting looks amazing! :D Sheila

Aww... that's too bad! I know how it feels! Probably your feeling for forgetting her birthday was worst than your mom's feeling of being forgot, yesterday! She knows your love for her! Thank God today you remembered!

Many blessings and love, from Brazil,