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Your Weekly Encouragement from POG

on July 28, 2011

We know it's true that we can't see the future like God can, we understand that we don't have the wisdom God has, and it's obvious that we have little power to make good happen, but still, our humanity cries out, "Let me direct my own life!". All the while, God says to us, "Let ME direct your life. Out of my vision, out of my wisdom, out of my power, out of my compassion and love, let me direct your steps."

Walking steadily beside God is sometimes one of the most terrifying challenges we face in our spiritual life. We have a hard time turning everything over to Him, we struggle with trusting Him to bring people into our life when we need them, and we wrestle with waiting on Him to answer our prayers when we'd rather handle the situation our own way. Even though it's not easy to let go, deep down we know that if we are to have any stability in our life, we MUST let Him lead.

Dear Lord,
I pray, to the depth of my being, that my restless feet will learn to walk beside my loving father, trusting him. Amen.

Here is a link to one of our songs that talks about this..."Steady On".

Shelley, Leigh and Denise


I saw yall for the first time Live at the Opry last weekend & it was great! I hate to say that I had a hard time the last couple of years and ended up not fully trusting in HIM and moved further away from where I should have been. I heard yall sing "Good Place to Turn Around" and it struck a chord with me and then I see your website and find this blog..I needed to hear all of this..a wake up call so to speak....Thank You!!! :)
- New Fan ( Nashville,TN )

Thank you for posting this word of encouragement. I have been struggling with some relationships/friendships lately and just turning it all over to God has been the best thing. Thank you again.

Vanessa (from Indiana)

Thank you for this post - I really needed this reminder.
Michelle (IL)

wow..really needed to hear that!Thanks! Love reading your blogs!

THANK YOU! I listened to your song, "DO IT AGAIN" and HE did!
I needed to hear this today!