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Your Weekly Encouragement from POG

on August 15, 2011

Today's devotional is really for the teen girls in your life, but I think everyone can get something out of it. We are so excited about our upcoming Girls of Grace conferences! Please check out the dates and ticket info HERE!!

Shelley says...

What does it mean to honor your parents? In the context of Exodus 20:12, "Honor your father and your mother" means to hold them in high esteem and respect. That means being a big enough person to accept what your parents say and obey them whether you agree or not. (Yikes, that's a hard one sometimes!) It's especially hard when they say no to something you REALLY want to do. I remember when I was in the seventh grade, my parents wouldn't let me go to 8 Wheels Skating Rink. It was the ONLY place for the COOL kids to be on Friday nights. Oddly enough, my mom and dad didn't think a seventh grade girl should be dropped off by herself on a Friday night at a skating rink where older kids hung out and came and went as they pleased. Imagine that...

Now, looking back, and especially with a little girl of my own, I completely agree with them...but, I had different eyes then. I didn't always see things their way.

Here's the deal girlies...parents aren't perfect, but no two people love us more, or care more about our well-being. They are a big part of God's strategy to keep us safe and happy. When we struggle against them, we are actually just struggling against our own best interests most of the time.

So today, thank God for you parents. They are one of his greatest gifts to you!

Read also Hebrews 13:17 and Ephesians 6:2-3.


It's also something that lives on with you through-out your whole life. Whenever we came across this verse when I was little my mom used to tell us about our uncle, who always honored his dad (my g-pa) and took care of him until he died. He is a VERY successful (okay, yeah rich) man, and Mom would always tell us it was the Lord's blessing on his life because he honored Grandpa.
It's not only having a good attitude when you're young and under their rules. It's honoring and caring for them when you're grown up.