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Your Weekly Encouragement from Point of Grace

on September 01, 2011


Give me a "B"

We can all use a cheerleader in this game of life, because we all need encouragement from time to time. Life can be hard, and we need someone who can cheer us on and pick us up when we fall down. We need someone who can encourage us when we feel defeated. A cheerleader knows how to find the positive in the negativity of life and invites us to take a NEW look.

Barnabas, was the apostle Paul's personal cheerleader. In fact, Barnabas's name means "son of encouragement"! Paul was a formidable persecutor of Christians, costing many of them their lives. When he was converted and became a follower of Christ, the Christians in Jerusalem were afraid of him and wouldn't have anything to do with him. Who could blame them?

Barnabas, however, believed in Paul, took him around to the other believers and convinced them to take him in. His willingness to stand beside Paul resulted in a long-lasting, trusting relationship between the two men.

I have been blessed to have great encouragers in my life as well. As a matter of fact just this morning one of my "cheerleaders" called me and reminded me being broken and crushed can be a great place to be - it causes us to depend on God completely and that is when we grow.

I am uncertain of where you are in your heart or even your mental state of mind but recently I have been privileged to have conversations with some of my cheerleaders and maybe their words of encouragement/wisdom will bless you as it has me. Here are a few of them that I wrote down in my journal:

* "Friends are for a reason, a season, a lifetime."
* "Don't navigate the crooked places - let God make them straight."
* "God took your place of shame and brought YOU to a place of grace."
* "Don't waste your sorrow!"
* "My tears were used more than my words ever did."

Whether you need encouragement or extend encouragement today - we have biblical proof it will reap great benefits - and that does a heart good!!

Acts 9:26 - 15:39

-Leigh, Shelley, & Denise


thanks...i needed this....