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Your Weekly Encouragement from Point of Grace

on September 28, 2011

More Than Anything...

How can we come to understand God's love for us? First and foremost, we must remember what He did for each individual person- that means me and you- by allowing His Son to die on the cross. The Bible tells us that we are sinners and the wage of sin is death. In this case, death means the presence of hell and the absence of heaven, for all eternity. But God, because of His love for us, didn't want us to endure what we deserve, so He sent His only Son to die as a sacrifice for me and for you. That God would do this for us proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that He really does love people more than anything.

"More than anything"- that means that to God, nothing comes before us. My own priorities often get way out of whack, but God's never do. In every circumstance, no matter what we are going through, we can be assured that God loves us more than anything.

I have found that when I ask God to comfort me with the assurance of His love, He faithfully honors that request. In God's love is where you find self-worth and confidence, not to mention the most significant love of your life.

This is a super old song that we still sing sometimes...listen and let it remind you of what we all need to hear most.

love and blessings,


That may be one of your all's older songs but it's definitely one of my favorites. I still remember when I was given my first CD of your all's, The Whole Truth, (I was super young) and falling in love with that song.

He loves me! Wow... do I deserve that? What an awesome Lord we serve!! Thanks for sharing this, Shelley!

From sunny Brazil,
blessings and hugs,