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Point of Grace - GMA Dove Awards Nomination

Congratulations to Point of Grace on their GMA Dove Awards nomination for Country Album of the Year: A Thousand Little Things!

The 44th Annual GMA Dove Awards will be held on October 15 at Allen Arena on the campus of Lipscomb University in Nashville, TN, at 7:30pm CT. The show will be broadcast on the UP! Television Network on October 21 at 8pm ET.

CLICK HERE for a complete list of nominees.

Happy 4th Of July!

Happy summer everyone... POG has been enjoying a busy summer with family and friends. We apologize for our absence but we know you understand when it comes to quality time with family, that is indeed priority. POG gets back on the road this month. We will be in Ohio and Michigan. Check to see if we are near you - we would love to see ya. Just go to the TOUR page...

Also - Happy 4th of July!!! This beautiful flag hangs in the hallway of my home. I see it's bold stars and stripes each day. This flag was found in Hodges, S.C. a few years ago. It has 48 stars instead of 50. This flag tells the story of things past and allows us to reflect on how things have changed in our country... This flag was made during World War II before Alaska and Hawaii were added to the U.S. As of July 4, 1960 our flag has 50 strong stars! As we celebrate this Holiday we are reminded our freedom came with a price and today we want to say THANK YOU again to those heroes. Because of all those men and women, we celebrate another year of liberty and independence!

Be sure to take a moment and pray for our present heroes in the military and their families and ALL the leaders of our country. God bless you all and GOD bless America!!!


Quackin' Up

Baby Andy and a duck...

Shelley Says...

Shelley says….

Well, last week I turned 44. I feel OK about that - I'm not really one that thinks about it too much or HATES getting older- where I am concerned. It mostly makes me melancholy when I think about Caroline. I was filling out the many forms and summer reading lists, etc. yesterday (I have so much respect for moms who have to do what I did yesterday for THREE kids…or even two for that matter) and it was so weird to click on "5th Grade". What the heck??

I remember thinking when we started Kindergarten at St.Paul, "I'm so glad I don't have to think about another school until the 7th grade." And now that's only two years away. I love our school so much, I told someone the other day I might have to get a job there when Caroline leaves so I won't be so sad…hahaha!

Caroline has been on a "Cat Kick" lately.Begging us for a kitten, and checking out books like this….

Puh- lease….I'm SO not a cat person- but Caroline insists it would be "Purr-fect"….everyone that knows us just laughs and can't even believe we are considering it. I mean, not that we are…

So I had a good birthday week. I decided this year that I honestly don't like big parties or big gatherings. I'm such a worrier and people pleaser, that I always feel stressed and responsible that I talk to everyone equally and that everyone is having fun - it seriously stresses me out. So I just decided that whoever called me asking to do something, I would go! But not in a big group. It was SO AWESOME. First of all, it stretched my bday out over a week or so, (I still have a birthday "breakfast" with my friend Julie tomorrow) and I had genuine conversation with everyone.

The girls and our husbands and Michael (our piano player who is also all of our husband, hahaha) celebrated Leigh and I jointly the week after her birthday and the week before mine at a new Nashville restaurant that is quickly becoming a favorite of mine - Rolf and Daughters. If you come to Nashville, you must go!

I won't bore you with all the little lunches and dinners I had - but it was such a great excuse to catch up with friends I hadn't seen in awhile. Michael did get me a new dessert cookbook that I love. This was the first recipe I tried.

Cherry Pie Bars

They were so yumz….

After a birthday lunch with some girlfriends, I met Michael for a little sweet treat before I went to pick up Caroline. Foodfest 2013.

But this was the real crown jewel. David knows the way to heart. White cake, white icing. Isn't that a pretty cake?? We had that after he and I and Caroline ate dinner at my standby, Bricktops…that's sorta our place like "Cheers", where everybody knows your name cause you're there so much…

So this was one of my favorite presents - I've been toying with getting a new watch for awhile - I've worn the same one for ten years, it's a nice one- but I was getting bored. I never told Jill that, but since we are somewhat the same person - she probably just got it cause she liked it. So I loved it. Ain't it perty!!

My hipster friend Keely (hates when call her that) went all local on me…cause that's what hipsters do. I'm most excited about this herb vinegar from a local garden. But the bottle is so pretty I don't want to open it…but I will. Soon.

So I stink at taking pictures when I should - so when I went to write this blog, I just took off what I had on my phone. So sorry for the randomness.

Oh, one other funny thing….when my neighbor Kirsten asked David what she should get me for my birthday he told her a gift card to the Minute Clinic. If you know me, you are laughing right now. If you don't - I'll just put it in a nutshell - I'm somewhat of a hypochondriac with a google obsession to self diagnose . i.e. anxiety central. But now I have a little pill for that. (But I would still probably use a Minute Clinic gift card.)

So she got me this instead…which always makes me feel better… well as the rest of the women in America….

Love to everyone - and sorry I just talked about myself….but when I woke up today to write I kept thinking "I got nuthin"….so that's what nuthin' gets you…