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PoG Blog

On Graceful Living This Week...

With the holidays coming up shortly, we all start thinking about what's important to us. One of the top things that comes to mind is family.

Leigh shares some great ideas for making getting together with your family special this year, with a Family History Party. This involves plenty of scanning old photos into a booklet for everyone, sharing family recipes, and making a calendar of everyone's birthday.

Listen to the clip from the show, and share with us some of the ways you make the holidays special for your family!

"Labor Of Love" Featured On A Very Special Christmas

Point of Grace is part of the A Very Special Christmas holiday music series with the song "Labor Of Love", benefiting the Special Olympics. The series is celebrating it's 25th anniversary this season with some of your favorite artists.

CLICK HERE to download on iTunes or pick up a copy at your local Walmart.

On The Island

Hey everyone, POG is on Mackinac Island for the next 4 days. We are having a blast with over 3000 women! Here is what I get to look at outside my hotel room:

Here is another shot outside the Grand Hotel where we are staying. How I wish everyone could hear and see the INCREDIBLE messages of Paul Young, author of The Shack... One of the most powerful messages I have heard in years!

Also, Gracia Burnham... She and her husband Martin, served with the New Tribes Mission in the Philippines. They were both kidnapped by the Abu Sayyaf group, a militant group of Muslims. In captivity for 376 days...Martin was killed and Gracia injured... Her testimony is heart wrenching and extremely challenging. Check her book out, The Presence Of My Enemies.

We are also enjoying the very talented theater group called, Friends of the Groom.

This has been a nice little get away for me and Dana too especially before Andy comes.

A powerful week for each of us. My cup runneth over!!!!

So, please forgive the short blog but I have to go and sing now.


Shelley Says...

This blog will be super short as I am writing it from my iPhone. We are spending the week at 3 back to back women's conferences at Mackinac Island in Michigan. We have a blast so far getting to know the women who run the conference, eating lots of fudge (a Mackinac specialty) and wandering the island! Below are the only 3 pics (shame on me) that I've taken- One of our hotel with Denise and Michael in the distance, one of the view out my window, and one of where we are afraid little Andy might be born! Hahahha! Seriously - Leigh is hanging in there but it's good to know we have options!

Love y'all-